Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Posterity

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It's official.
It is the hottest summer on record in Austin, TX.
They started keeping records in the mid 1800's.
Yesterday, we hit 70 days above 100*

The former record was set in 1925.
Sixty-nine days.
Turns out that record is in question because the surrounding towns didn't log temperatures nearly that high.
Austin has always been an overachiever.
Or a great story teller.
Either way, it's hot.

I think I should whip up some t-shirts that say,
"I survived the summer of 2011" or "Member of the 100* Club".
Folks would buy them.

Anyway, looks like day 70 was just hitting it's stride. We have at the very least, two more weeks of this weather.
Some folks are just wishing for 100 days above 100*, just to make it look nice in the record books and on t-shirts.
Might as well. What's one more month of this stuff?
We're tough.
We're Texans.


  1. Hoping Irene's ill wind will blow some good soaking rain your way.

    At least the Texans who make it to hell will already be adjusted to the temps.

    Too bad my bathroom scales can't look like that for that many days in a row.

  2. I bet you would sell them. I've been thinking about you during our thunderstorms this week... wishing that some of our water would head your way.

  3. COME ON RAIN! COME ON FALL! People are coming up here and getting our hay for thier animals and deer down there. I am praying for rain for you.


  4. Ugh. I sure pray you get some relief from that horrible heat soon.