Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful Trouble in Paradise

The Caribbean in the summertime can be a volatile place. At least as far as the weather goes.
A storm blew through almost every day. I guess heat plus water equals rain.
Below, are pictures Pearl took of an amazing sight--a waterspout.
It's funny, 'waterspout' sounds so innocuous, so innocent.
What it really is, is a tornado at sea.
Tornado equals destruction and death, if you happen to be nearby.
This one looked to be about 5 miles out, so Pearl, along with everyone else on the beach just snapped pictures.


  1. Awesome is the word for that. Nature has a way of letting people know they are not in control and have very little power when it comes to life on this little ball of water.

  2. All I can say is WOW! Awesome pictures, Pearl!!!

  3. Those are some amazing pictures! Pearl captured it beautifully. I love the ones that are close up and show the water churning at the bottom of the spout. Wow! Great job!

  4. I imagine there are some magazines that would pay for some of these photos! You have The Most Talented Beautiful children CeeCee, OXO.