Monday, July 18, 2011


I haven't been posting with any regularity.
I've been grumpy.
I believe there are several reasons for the grumpiness, but just recently put my finger on the primary cause. Unfortunately, there's not a darn thing I can do about it.

It needs to rain.

It needs to rain in a really big way for days and days and days.

It's not going to.

It won't rain unless there's a hurricane that comes into the Gulf, and I can't wish hurricanes on anyone on the Gulf Coast.
I think the thing that finally put me in true funk was the recent release of information that this drought could go on for at least another year. In previous years, there always seemed to be hope that the drought would turn around.

This year, they've (the National Weather Service) has looked into its crystal ball (and into the Pacific ocean) and predicted a return of El Nino/La Nina. I can't remember which is which---I just know whatever is brewing in the Pacific means we won't get rain here next year either.

I can't really explain why the lack of rain is ruffling my feathers. I don't garden (gave that up). I don't have livestock I need to keep alive. I don't have crops that are withering and dying. I just have a tiny bit of backyard grass that I'd like to keep alive if I can. My pasture is long since dead.

NDMC's Drought Impact Reporter

If you look at the map above, Texas has the special distinction of being "Exceptional"---in a drought sort of way. I'm so proud of us (rolls eyes).

I think the thing that's getting to me the most is that our well could run dry.
In the past, there always seemed to be hope that the drought would lift during our winter wet season. It didn't rain last winter. It's not supposed to rain next winter either.

We don't have an alternate water source.

There's a sadness to thinking I may turn on a faucet one day and have nothing come out.
There's a sadness in thinking (and watching) our old growth trees begin to show signs of dying.
There's a sadness to seeing brown, dead foliage mile after mile after mile.
There's a sadness to seeing river beds dry or nearly dry.
There's a sadness to knowing that wildlife is suffering and dying because their food sources are gone.
I think I'm letting that sadness get into my daily life.
I'm grumpy.

So, if you know me and I don't seem myself---I don't seem to have an interest in much of anything---that's why.
I feel like I'm withering under the knowledge that this drought may go on for another year.

Update: 247/254 Counties in Texas are now under a burn ban because of this drought. Y'all know how big Texas is!


  1. I'd say that's plenty reason to be grumpy. I remember years ago having a grumpy feeling and I thought: "I wish it would storm." I think there was tension building up inside me and a storm would have been a great release. But, now these days, this weather is scary. If it isn't one kind of danger, it's another what with all the droughts, floods, storms, fires, quakes. And, you know, in the long run Nature always wins. Makes me feel very, very small. I hope your well never runs dry.

  2. Ugh. Time to travel somewhere cooler and wetter?

  3. Rain refreshes and brings a coolness that nothing else can do. Boy I hope you'all get some rain soon, Texas has gone beyond parched.


  4. I honestly think that kind of drought would make me a bit grumpy too! The thought of a well going dry is very scary. I sure pray it never happens to y'all. I remember when B and I first married we lived on a ridge and all our neighbors had wells that went dry. They had to have them redrilled deeper. We were really worried, but for some reason we were spared. I pray y'all are spared too.

  5. Hmmm...can't say I've known this feeling in many years. Over drought, that is. Grumpy, yes, all the dang time, but it so darn wet here, I'm rusting.
    I'm telling you, we need a bloggers' retreat or something...anuually...for laughter, great conversation, and rejuvenation... :-)

  6. I don't blame you one bit for being grumpy. The drought is enough to make anyone grumpy. We had too much rain here in WI this Spring and now we don't get anything but heat. So our grass now "crunches " when you walk on it. The weather patterns all over the globe are really screwy. Sure hope you get your much needed rain soon.