Monday, June 13, 2011

Will We Break a Record?

Today's weather is:
Sunny and

Really hot.
Hotter McHotHot

Take a look at our 7-day forecast.
But it's a dry heat. Very low humidity.
When did I move to Phoenix?

You know what, it's no big deal.
We, here in Austin, did this the summer of 2009.
We're champs at it.
In fact, a great many of us were supremely ticked off that we didn't beat the all-time record number of days at/above 100*.
We missed it by one measly day. All that suffering for nothing.
Heck, it would have been nice to have at least tied for record number of days.
By the way, that number is 69 days. It was set in 1925---back when central air conditioning was not something anyone in Austin had. Does that mean they suffered more in 1925, than I did in 2009?
Yes, yes it does.
In a really big way.

Still, if I'm going to have another summer like 2009, I'd like to set a record.
I want to tell my grandchildren, "Yea, back in 2011, we set a record for number of days at or above 100 degrees. It was awful. You kids today are just spoiled....." At this point my story will probably be tuned out by said grandchildren and I'll be talking to myself.

In honor of that story to come, I'm going to set up a widget in my sidebar that counts the days we hit or exceed 100 degrees. Might as well embrace the heat. It's not like I can change it by whining about it.
Will I be extremely happy if we get no where near it?
Will I be ticked if we bump up against it, like we did in 2009?

In case you're still with me, you must also be made aware that we're in an "Exceptional" drought. National Weather Service word, not mine. Exceptional always told me something was extra special.
Droughts are not extra special.
We haven't had truly measurable rain in our area since last October. We're 15 inches behind. Our local lake is down 29 feet from average.
El Nino is doing his thing on the weather systems again. The very same weather that is causing the horrific storms in the midwest is keeping the rain from getting this far south.
Who named the systems El Nino and La Nina, anyway? They mean little boy and little girl?
There's nothing little about these weather systems.

I'm rambling. I'll stop now.
Yesterday was the 8th day above 100 degrees.
No rain.
Neither one is expected to change any time soon.
The End.


  1. How do you keep from bursting into flame?! Keep cool lady!

  2. Stay cool, CeeCee! We feel your pain. It's so danged dry here, it's scary.

  3. CeeCee, I feel your pain with the heat. We don't have the heat here just cold and rain (and lots of it - overnight low of 46 degrees) It is so cold the flowers aren't growing, but the grass is growing like a bat out of h--l cuz of all the rain. I like your idea of a sidebar widget.