Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday 6

Somehow, I managed not to post last Thursday. Don't know why. For some reason, when summer is here, I lose track of what day it is. My only compass point for each week is church on Sunday.
But here it is, another Thursday.
Today, I am thankful for being a morning person.
I've probably always been a morning person. I never really paid much attention until I had a friend that is a night owl in a big way.
Why I'm thankful for being a morning person:
*Cool mornings
*Beautiful sunrises
*Feeding the chickens, deer, squirrels and birds.
*Bird songs and squirrel chatter
*Coffee, coffee, coffee
*Having a few moments to visit with Lee before we get out of bed.
*The newspaper
*Dew on the grass
*The grocery store is nearly empty
*Light stealing over the treetops into my office
*Sleepy-eyed children
*A kiss goodbye from Lee
*Hobbes chasing me from task to task outdoors
*Dogs that are extremely happy because Lee and I have been sleeping, and then we're awake.
*Not struggling to keep my eyes open because the morning is, well....the morning.

Maybe one day I'll sleep in.
All the way until 7:30 or 8:00.
Until then, I'll enjoy my early mornings and all the blessings each day brings.

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  1. I can send you another orange cat...he is also a morning...uh...person