Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday 4 (a day late)

I am thankful for the internet.

It can be said that the internet is used for bad.
I acknowledge that. It has allowed access to material that has ruined lives, ruined savings and ruined privacy. It has also made humanity a bit more lazy, a bit more ( or less) skeptical, a bit less patient, and a bit less truthful. Unfortunately some folks, just like with print media, believe anything they read.

I choose to look at the positive things it has done.
It has connected long lost friends and families, made helpful information available on just about any subject imaginable, made it possible to see news as it's happening, made a college degree possible for those that might not otherwise gotten one, it makes good news/bad news available for instant prayer requests to go out.
Like the "bad" list, the "good" list is much larger than I can name.

This blog is primarily a way for me to document my life and the things that interest me. A way for my kids to know a bit more about their mom.
Along the way, I've picked up regular blog readers. Strange as it may sound, many of them have become friends--even though we've never met.
One of those friends is Danni at Critter Farm. Had it not been for the internet, I would never have known she exists. She would never have known that I love rhubarb. I would never have received a package full of rhubarb and been able to participate in National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie day.
Thanks to the internet, I have a new friend and ate some amazing pie. I only wish I could mail her some--the old fashioned way. :)


  1. Oooooh...I totally forgot to wish you a Happy NSRP Day yesterday! Dangit!!
    Is that it? Is that the pie?! It looks soooo pretty!
    Hope it tasted as yummy as it looked. :-)

  2. That is one gorgeous pie. If it tastes anywhere as good as it looks you and the family must be in heaven. You do good work.

    It IS interesting to see how the world has changed with the coming of the internet and techy things like cell phones. Both good and bad can spread so fast. I'm with you on appreciating the positive results.

    My offer for sharing our mountain of rhubarb still goes. It's easy to freeze for later. Just dice it up and toss it in a zip lock bag.

  3. I'm thankful for the internet too. Your kids may not appreciate your blog now, but someday they will. I appreciate it, it has helped me keep up with you and learn more about you and love you that much more!

  4. Beautiful pie! And I agree with you...this is an age of wonder and amazment. And the era of new friends!


  5. Danni, you've had other things on your mind. :)

    Leenie, thank you so much for the offer! Unfortunately, our freezer is one of those stupid side-by-side ones and I don't have room for freezing your wonderful rhubarb. :(

    Sarah, I hope my kids are able to look back and see who/what I'm about. I don't think they read it now.

    Linda, Thanks. There's an even prettier pie cooling on the rack right now.

  6. I agree with you - the internet is full of an awful lot of good things. It's so sweet Danni sent you some rhubarb - and you made a gorgeous pie from it! I bet it tasted absolutely fantabulous!