Friday, June 17, 2011

Out, Everybody Out!!

Don't let this sweet, sleeping cat fool you.

Or these lovely dogs, either.

They're bad, all three of them.
I feed them the best pet food, love them wildly, shower them with love, hand out treats without thinking and open/close the back door a thousand times a day.
How do they repay me?
They keep me awake on the three nights when the moon is at it's brightest.

It could be said, that it's partly my fault. We don't have window coverings. We live on 4 acres and there's just no need. Also, the windows in our bedroom are the kind that nearly reach the floor. All the animals can see out at night.
That has been a problem in the past.
We dealt with it and moved on.

When we got Hobbes, it was decided that he could go out in the daytime, but had to be in at night. We couldn't take losing another cat to the coyotes that prowl our neighborhood at night. He normally accepts the "being inside" part of his life. He even comes each night at dusk, when called. He comes in, eats some dinner, has a fit about being indoors and then gives up. He ends up sleeping with me and Lee most nights.

Full moon nights are another story. The last one, 3 nights or so ago, I almost put him outside to fend for himself. Starting at about 4:45 (in the AM mind you!!) he got wound up. He started by meowing wildly in my face. I kicked him out of bed.
He decided to get the dogs involved. They are afraid of him when he gets wound up. They know he has teeth and claws, and they aren't allowed to eat him. So, he took advantage of their fear---I could tell he was pouncing on the bed and pushing both dogs off. They'd get mad, do some grousing, and then jump back up on the bed.
He then went about meowing in his very loudest voice, throughout the house. I could hear him.
This went on for over an hour.

Hobbes just wanted outside, and he was doing everything in his power to make it happen. After all, it sure looked light outside to him.
Finally, at 6am, it was barely light outside and I still hadn't been able to properly go back to sleep.
I grabbed up the persistent cat and dumped him,
I took the dogs to the kitchen, gave them each a treat for not eating the cat, and went back to bed.

I closed the bedroom door. I went back to sleep.

So, the questions on everyone's mind by now are these:

1. Where was Lee when all this silliness was going on? He would never have put up with it.

He was out of town. All three animals and both humans do not fit in our bed. They take advantage of me when he's out of town. In the winter, it's fine with me. In the summer, not so much.

2. Why don't you just keep the animals out of your bedroom to begin with?

They lay outside the door and either scratch madly or meow in the most pathetic way possible.
In order to save the door, and keep the cat from waking up the kids, we leave the door open.

3. Do the animals actually sleep with you?

Not in a manner of speaking. They aren't invited up into the bed. That doesn't mean, however, that they don't sneak up when we're sawing logs. If they are discovered in the middle of the night, they are told to get down, and they do. Until we fall asleep again. (rolls eyes)

4. Uggh, how do you deal with animal hair in your bed? Gives me the willies.

Two words, Vacuum Cleaner.

First, I shake the comforter and leave it outside to air out.
Second, I wash sheets once a week.
Third, I vacuum the mattress (really!).
Fourth, once put back together, I vacuum the comforter.

I'm completely off subject, aren't I?
Back to being angry at my pets.
Wait, why am I angry again?

Just like having kids, pets give me so much joy that I put the labor pains and sleepless nights out of my mind.

Until the next full moon.


  1. Great read! And one I can relate too. Only our cats sleep inside. And on the bed also. But come nice weather and moonlight nights off the go to the outside. We have strange animals here also, but I'm hoping the dogs can keep them away.

    So far so good.


  2. Smiling here. The things we do for our

  3. Ha! Isn't it amazing what we'll put up with for our pets? Full moons are no fun here, either. But we do have blinds on the windows that typically stay up - unless there is a full moon.....

    I can't imagine how lonely our home would feel without fur babies running around in it!

  4. "I took the dogs to the kitchen, gave them each a treat for not eating the cat, and went back to bed."

    Now, that's funny. :D

    I'm smiling too. And yes, I can totally relate to the hair thing. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep in a bed completely free of dog hair until I went to visit my mom a couple of weeks ago. :)

  5. Our creatures run our's the plain truth. Mostly that's cool though because they dig us.

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