Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hobbes Meets a Girl and Gets New Office Supplies

Here Hobbes deals with Mr. Junebug, who always manages to fall into the new water cooler. It's one for his outdoor office. He spends the better part of the day in his outdoor office now. He comes in for lunch and then heads back out again. At 8pm, he's off work and comes in for the night.
There are gangs in our neighborhood that prowl at night. They'd rather kill him than let him pass. The Coyote Crips and the Gansta Great Horned Owls. He definitely comes in at night--orders of the office manager.

Speaking of coming in at night, Hobbes does not believe that the two rival gangs are all that dangerous. He is angry every night when management makes him come indoors. He lashes out at anyone or anything that happens to cross his path. Unfortunately, one of the things he's been lashing out at is, the office sofa. A giant no-no! It could get him fired!
The office manager went out in search of a substitute. What she found floored her. A simple scratching post was $70! The office budget does not have room for such things. Being an industrious manager and always looking out for the bottom line, she decided to make the post herself.
The final product, which the manager is very proud of, costs about $35 to make. The only extra cost was her time and some blood. Turns out poking yourself in the big toe with a handsaw causes copious amounts of blood to trickle out on sidewalk and garage floor. Who knew?
The great thing is, Hobbes loves his new post. I've heard that other employees of his kind, shun this particular office supply.

Here, Hobbes meets a girl for the first time. Her job is barn and rodent patrol for a neighboring office. He and she haven't quite worked out whether they like each other or not. It's in the love/hate stage right now. I think she likes him more than he likes her, as she comes over every day to see if he happens to being working outdoors.
Luckily for all of us, both employees have been to see the vet. There is no need for baby office assistants at either our office or hers---no matter how cute they are.


  1. Hobbes is so danged cute - and his new friend is really pretty. I hope they'll become good friends. Sounds like he could use a distraction to keep him out of trouble around the office!

  2. I love catching up with your crew. I also like having a cat vicariously through a couple online friends including you! The story of Hobbes yowling the night of the full moon is something I lived through for so many years. Ugh.