Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lee!

These two were the first to dish out birthday kisses. I was up attending to the bad cat, who thinks he needs to be outside before dawn. The dogs thought they should keep my space warm for me and wish Lee happy birthday before anyone else. Mandy is especially adept at kissing and washing ears at the same time. So, now one of Lee's ears is especially squeaky clean this morning. He was a good sport about it all---being awakened before 6am on his birthday would normally make anyone grouse a bit. He just snickered as the dogs tried to dig him out from under the covers.

We're wildly blessed at our house with enough of everything we need and want. His wish for a present this year was a sun tea jar. I kid you not. A sun tea jar.
That's exactly what he got. I couldn't think of one other thing to get him that he either needed or wanted.

Later we will celebrate with his mom and dad, and our two boys. Pearl is away at church camp as a CIT this week. Mom is making a cake/cheese cake combo from Lee's childhood. We are breaking with German Chocolate cake as the traditional birthday cake.
Fajitas will be the lunch of choice. Thankfully, our local grocery store now has a tortillaria (where they make homemade tortillas), as I have never mastered making yummy homemade ones.

Happy birthday my love. Thank you for sharing yet another year of your life with me!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan for a great guy's birthday! And what day can go wrong when it starts out with dog kisses?
    Happy birthday, Cee Cee's Lee!!

  2. Your post gave me a nice chuckle for the morning start. Happy Birthday to Lee, CeeCee's heart!


  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Happy Birthday and have fun!