Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Baby and a Ball

photos by Pearl~

We try really hard not to name the deer around our place. It's not all that difficult, as some are just deer. Nothing special.

This little girl, however, has a name~~Teeny.
She is from a set of twins. Her twin disappeared about 2 weeks ago.
She is the only surviving fawn from what was 5 or 6 in our local herd.
That makes her a lonely baby.
She used to romp and play her twin. In and out and around momma's legs. Bouncing high and turning in mid-air.

Lately, we've noticed her checking out the balls that litter our property (two boys that play soccer and you're bound to have a ball or two where they don't belong).

Below, Pearl captured Teeny investigating one of the balls.
Unfortunately for Teeny, momma told her to leave it alone and come along with her.
She hasn't been completely deterred from spending time with the balls, though.
Yesterday, I came upon her resting next to a bright blue soccer ball in the back pasture and tall grass.
What does momma know anyway? Balls can't hurt you.


  1. Awww, Teeny is so precious! We have a pregnant mama deer that seems to live in our backyard. Her grown baby from last year also stays with her. Sometimes another pregnant mama visits them, too. I watch them every day. I don't know why, but in this area the deer seem to have their babies in Aug, not in the spring. It's strange, but their cycles are off. It's been like that here for years. And so I am waiting for the babies to be born, excited. I love how baby deer play and jump, just like little kids. Its so sad that Teeny lost her sibling!!!

  2. What great pictures of the fawn. It is so cute to watch animal babies play. Sad to hear about the twin.

  3. How cool! Keep watching and I bet that little one will be in the minor (deer) leagues before you know it!

  4. I know deer can be awful pests when it comes to growing a people yard, but good for you for not coming down too hard on your neighbors. Teeny is beautiful and just being a playful baby. What mom can resist a playful baby?

    Super photos!

  5. How adorable is that? Maybe she misses her twin and needs something to play with! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post! Bambi in real life! She is darling. Thanks for sharing with us.


  7. Oh, CeeCee! Teeny is so darling and so perfect! You know I'd find it impossible not to name her, so I'm glad you did. :D Oh my. She's so sweet. *sigh*