Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday 6

Somehow, I managed not to post last Thursday. Don't know why. For some reason, when summer is here, I lose track of what day it is. My only compass point for each week is church on Sunday.
But here it is, another Thursday.
Today, I am thankful for being a morning person.
I've probably always been a morning person. I never really paid much attention until I had a friend that is a night owl in a big way.
Why I'm thankful for being a morning person:
*Cool mornings
*Beautiful sunrises
*Feeding the chickens, deer, squirrels and birds.
*Bird songs and squirrel chatter
*Coffee, coffee, coffee
*Having a few moments to visit with Lee before we get out of bed.
*The newspaper
*Dew on the grass
*The grocery store is nearly empty
*Light stealing over the treetops into my office
*Sleepy-eyed children
*A kiss goodbye from Lee
*Hobbes chasing me from task to task outdoors
*Dogs that are extremely happy because Lee and I have been sleeping, and then we're awake.
*Not struggling to keep my eyes open because the morning is, well....the morning.

Maybe one day I'll sleep in.
All the way until 7:30 or 8:00.
Until then, I'll enjoy my early mornings and all the blessings each day brings.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lee!

These two were the first to dish out birthday kisses. I was up attending to the bad cat, who thinks he needs to be outside before dawn. The dogs thought they should keep my space warm for me and wish Lee happy birthday before anyone else. Mandy is especially adept at kissing and washing ears at the same time. So, now one of Lee's ears is especially squeaky clean this morning. He was a good sport about it all---being awakened before 6am on his birthday would normally make anyone grouse a bit. He just snickered as the dogs tried to dig him out from under the covers.

We're wildly blessed at our house with enough of everything we need and want. His wish for a present this year was a sun tea jar. I kid you not. A sun tea jar.
That's exactly what he got. I couldn't think of one other thing to get him that he either needed or wanted.

Later we will celebrate with his mom and dad, and our two boys. Pearl is away at church camp as a CIT this week. Mom is making a cake/cheese cake combo from Lee's childhood. We are breaking with German Chocolate cake as the traditional birthday cake.
Fajitas will be the lunch of choice. Thankfully, our local grocery store now has a tortillaria (where they make homemade tortillas), as I have never mastered making yummy homemade ones.

Happy birthday my love. Thank you for sharing yet another year of your life with me!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Baby and a Ball

photos by Pearl~

We try really hard not to name the deer around our place. It's not all that difficult, as some are just deer. Nothing special.

This little girl, however, has a name~~Teeny.
She is from a set of twins. Her twin disappeared about 2 weeks ago.
She is the only surviving fawn from what was 5 or 6 in our local herd.
That makes her a lonely baby.
She used to romp and play her twin. In and out and around momma's legs. Bouncing high and turning in mid-air.

Lately, we've noticed her checking out the balls that litter our property (two boys that play soccer and you're bound to have a ball or two where they don't belong).

Below, Pearl captured Teeny investigating one of the balls.
Unfortunately for Teeny, momma told her to leave it alone and come along with her.
She hasn't been completely deterred from spending time with the balls, though.
Yesterday, I came upon her resting next to a bright blue soccer ball in the back pasture and tall grass.
What does momma know anyway? Balls can't hurt you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Heat Advisory or Maybe Not?

Jun 20, 2011 7:05 PM

Hi: 79°F
Lo: 75°F
Rain: 0.00"
Gust: SSE 34
Heat Index: 82°F
Humidity: 81%
Dew Point: 71°F
Avg Wind: 7 S
Pressure: 29.63"
Rain/Month: 0"
Sunrise: 6:30 AM
Sunset: 8:35 PM

What you see above, is a copy of what shows up on my computer, via WeatherBug.
According to Weatherbug, my county and the surrounding counties (heck, just about the whole state) are under a "Heat Advisory".

I don't know where in the world except at the magnetic poles, would 77.4* be considered a Heat Advisory.

What does Heat Advisory really mean?
It means:

Stay the heck indoors.

Run from air conditioned building to air conditioned car and then back into an air conditioned building.

Wait until dark to mow your grass. (Wait, scratch that. We don't have grass because we're under an 'Exceptional Drought')

Go jogging only if you want people to shake their heads at your stupidity and prepare to be nominated for the Darwin Award when you drop dead of heat stroke.

If you're jogging with a dog,---don't jog with a dog!

Ask an extra $15 bucks an hour if you have to work outdoors.

Call in sick if your outdoor job is roofing or laying asphalt. An extra $15 bucks an hour won't cover your hospital stay if you have an heat stroke.

Being snarky is just my way of handling the 16th day above 100* and seeing that number 77.4* According to Weatherbug, it has been 77.4* all day. It's also only been blowing only 7mph all day. I don't think the wind got that memo. More like 17mph.

I promised myself last winter, when it was 18*, that I would remember how much I hate to be cold when it's over 100*.
I've forgotten how much I hate to be cold.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Out, Everybody Out!!

Don't let this sweet, sleeping cat fool you.

Or these lovely dogs, either.

They're bad, all three of them.
I feed them the best pet food, love them wildly, shower them with love, hand out treats without thinking and open/close the back door a thousand times a day.
How do they repay me?
They keep me awake on the three nights when the moon is at it's brightest.

It could be said, that it's partly my fault. We don't have window coverings. We live on 4 acres and there's just no need. Also, the windows in our bedroom are the kind that nearly reach the floor. All the animals can see out at night.
That has been a problem in the past.
We dealt with it and moved on.

When we got Hobbes, it was decided that he could go out in the daytime, but had to be in at night. We couldn't take losing another cat to the coyotes that prowl our neighborhood at night. He normally accepts the "being inside" part of his life. He even comes each night at dusk, when called. He comes in, eats some dinner, has a fit about being indoors and then gives up. He ends up sleeping with me and Lee most nights.

Full moon nights are another story. The last one, 3 nights or so ago, I almost put him outside to fend for himself. Starting at about 4:45 (in the AM mind you!!) he got wound up. He started by meowing wildly in my face. I kicked him out of bed.
He decided to get the dogs involved. They are afraid of him when he gets wound up. They know he has teeth and claws, and they aren't allowed to eat him. So, he took advantage of their fear---I could tell he was pouncing on the bed and pushing both dogs off. They'd get mad, do some grousing, and then jump back up on the bed.
He then went about meowing in his very loudest voice, throughout the house. I could hear him.
This went on for over an hour.

Hobbes just wanted outside, and he was doing everything in his power to make it happen. After all, it sure looked light outside to him.
Finally, at 6am, it was barely light outside and I still hadn't been able to properly go back to sleep.
I grabbed up the persistent cat and dumped him,
I took the dogs to the kitchen, gave them each a treat for not eating the cat, and went back to bed.

I closed the bedroom door. I went back to sleep.

So, the questions on everyone's mind by now are these:

1. Where was Lee when all this silliness was going on? He would never have put up with it.

He was out of town. All three animals and both humans do not fit in our bed. They take advantage of me when he's out of town. In the winter, it's fine with me. In the summer, not so much.

2. Why don't you just keep the animals out of your bedroom to begin with?

They lay outside the door and either scratch madly or meow in the most pathetic way possible.
In order to save the door, and keep the cat from waking up the kids, we leave the door open.

3. Do the animals actually sleep with you?

Not in a manner of speaking. They aren't invited up into the bed. That doesn't mean, however, that they don't sneak up when we're sawing logs. If they are discovered in the middle of the night, they are told to get down, and they do. Until we fall asleep again. (rolls eyes)

4. Uggh, how do you deal with animal hair in your bed? Gives me the willies.

Two words, Vacuum Cleaner.

First, I shake the comforter and leave it outside to air out.
Second, I wash sheets once a week.
Third, I vacuum the mattress (really!).
Fourth, once put back together, I vacuum the comforter.

I'm completely off subject, aren't I?
Back to being angry at my pets.
Wait, why am I angry again?

Just like having kids, pets give me so much joy that I put the labor pains and sleepless nights out of my mind.

Until the next full moon.