Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anatomy of a Bird's Nest


If you'd like to see this picture a little better, double click on the picture and it should enlarge.

I sometimes wonder if all people see things in nature the same way I do.
Lee says I'm more observant than the average Jane.
Yesterday, after showing this nest to a friend of Tom's, he asked me
"How'd you know that nest was there?"

It seems obvious to me, to take a look, when a mockingbird jumps out of the same bush every time I open the front door.
He said he would never have noticed the bird.

I think the 'observation' gene was passed down to me from my father.
We spent many long hours hunting for ducks, geese, quail, doves and pheasants.
I was trained to keep my eyes open for certain signs in each bird's habitat.
I was trained to watch the dogs for certain body language that indicated we were on the right trail.
I was even trained to look up.
Something that many folks don't do while in the outdoors, lest we trip over something and fall.

My father and I also hunted morel mushrooms in the spring.
I was taught to keep my eyes open for downed oak trees, blooming redbuds and blooming may apples. (Penny, don't eat them, they're poisonous!)
The downed oak trees often had morels nearby and the blooming plants were markers that it was warm enough for morels to come up.

Our bird hunts and morel hunts always led to discoveries of all sorts of other things---lessons about weather, water, plants, animals, birds, insects, fish, soil and even rocks.

The greatest lesson of all was to respect nature.
It is a gift that we must treasure and never take for granted.


  1. "Respect nature.It is a gift that we must treasure and never take for granted."

    So many youngsters miss that part of life. Sometimes they are just trying to survive. But sometimes no one shows them. It's a good thing people like you are there to appreciate the details of a nest and the language of dogs and share the lessons with your family and us in blog land.

    I went for a walk in the rain this morning. Saw lots and lots of amazing nature stuff. It's there for us to enjoy.

  2. I so agree with Leenie!


  3. The little things we learn from our dads :)