Sunday, May 29, 2011

Morning Dose of Cuteness

I always count on one doe in the herd to bring her fawn up early.
I believe that particular doe lost her fawn to a late cold front that was accompanied by rain on the night after it was born.
So far, out of all the fawns born, this is the only one I've seen up close.
By up close, I mean through the bathroom window.
This momma is very skittish and protective.
I tried getting outdoor photos, but she kept telling the fawn to run off, every time she heard the camera click.

By my count, we have 3-5 fawns in the local herd.
I know there is a set of twins.
They were born on the same rainy night as the one I previously mentioned. Somehow, they survived when the single one did not.
It's still early for the fawns to be traveling with the does.
That's why I was shameless and tossed out some corn when I saw this doe and her baby nearby.
Anything for a picture!

In the next couple weeks, the fawns will begin to travel everywhere with the does. Until then, the moms still get to graze and sleep and wander without having to look after a baby every single minute of the day.
For now, the babies have to stay where mom puts them and wait patiently for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. Really cool picture, thanks for sharing!

  2. Neat! I love your photo and the information. Great Post!