Sunday, May 1, 2011

Duck Tales

photo shy ducks, taken by Pearl

"Mom! There are ducks in the yard!"
"What? No way!"
"No, really! There are three ducks behind the pool!"

Mad rushing around looking for cameras.
"Sssshhhh! Be sure the dogs and the cat don't get out."
"Look! They want in the pool! Ooohhhhh, only one got in the pool area and now it can't get out!"

They are obviously domestic ducks, although I can't figure out which breed. I know they must have flown over the house, seen the pool and decided our place looked good. Problem (for them, not us) was that they landed on the ground, outside our fenced in pool.
After much following/herding on our part (they never tried to fly away), they ended up over by our chicken run. We were able to offer them a large tub to drink from and swim in. They seemed very relieved to be getting a drink.

I was worried that nighttime predators would get them, so Tom and I herded them into the chicken run after the chickens had been locked up in their coop. Because I can't leave well enough alone, I decided they needed to sleep in a dog crate in the garage.
Trouble is, ducks can fly---even when it's nearly dark (duh!). One got away and the others were very worried that they were now all separated. I threw up my hands and let the remaining two out into the dark. What will be, will be.

Still can't leave well enough alone. I felt bad that the ducks were separated in the dark. I went in search of the lone flyer while the other two waddled off in the opposite direction. I couldn't find a single black duck in the dark, so I gave up and went in through the garage. What will be, will be.

Hit the garage door opener to close up the garage, and lone black duck shoots out from under my car. After 5 minutes of chasing him under and around my car, I captured him.
Well geez, now I've got to reunite him with his buddies. But how do I find a black duck and buff duck in the dark? With lone, black duck in my arms, I head out---hoping his quacking will help lure his buddies out of hiding.

I found them, but only with the help of my neighbor's horse.
Yes, a horse.
I could hear him pounding away in his pasture--in the dark!
I knew instantly that he'd seen/heard something scary. I was terrified he'd hurt himself. Last I heard, horses can't see in the dark any better than ducks or people.
Luckily for all of us, the buff colored duck was just light enough that I could make him out in the dark.

I herded him and his buddy back to my land. Reunited lone, black duck with his two buddies and gave up. Really, I did. What will be, will be.

Morning came and I figured they'd have been eaten or would be gone.
There they were, right behind the pool, exactly where we'd first spotted them.

As cute as they are, we have no place to keep ducks and keep them safe. We certainly don't have a water source and have no intention of having duck poo in the pool.
For all of the shenanigans of the night before, I kicked it into high gear and captured all three ducks in 10 minutes. I still had potluck food to fix and a shower to take before church.

The ducks are now enjoying an amazing pond, just three miles from the house. Plenty of food, proper shelter and no unnatural predators like cats and dogs.
I got my potluck food made and my shower, but missed Sunday School.
Small price to pay for happy ducks.
All's well that ends well.


  1. Haha! The crazy things we do for critters. Good for you to care enough to make sure your duck visitors were well accommodated for the evening--even if it meant wandering around a bit in the dark. In my opinion you should be forgiven for missing Sunday School after being so benevolent toward the ducks.

  2. Aaaaaw, CeeCee!!! What a wonderful story with a happy ending. :)

    You're so right about the duck poo in the pool... Don and I can't get over how much the babies poo when they're swimming in the kiddie pool. Holy moly. :)

    You're a good soul with a heart the size of Texas, CeeCee.

  3. good post, u love nature
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  4. Holy cow I know about catching ducks! I caught some when I was a kid and I quickly discovered that ducks on the run often also poop...

  5. What a good keeper of wildlife you are! I love your happy ending and I agree with the others you have a wonderful heart the size of Texas!



  7. You crack me up Sis! Thanks for the laugh today :)! OXO