Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Of Us Get Mustaches

Some of us get spurs.

"Us" being older females.

I have, on occasion, told folks that for my 45th birthday, I got a beard and mustache from mother nature.

It's a fact of nature, that as females age, their estrogen levels drop. Testosterone then gets a bit of elbow room and starts doing it's thing. In case you slept that day in high school biology, most all animals have both testosterone and estrogen in their bodies.

When the level of your naturally high hormone (estrogen for women, testosterone for men) drops, the opposite hormone can rear it's body changing head.
In the case of women, we get fun stuff like beards and mustaches.
In the case of hens, they can often grow a set of spurs.

My older hens are almost 7. While they still lay the occasional egg, mostly they are in retirement. My favorite hen, Sunny, grew a set of spurs.
While I can resort to tweezing the odd chin hair, no amount of tweezing can help poor Sunny.
I just make sure to keep the spurs clipped, as they can impede walking and roosting.

In case you're wondering.......Sunny's testosterone levels have not caused her to become rooster-like. She's still the sweetest hen in coop.


  1. All I can say is....


  2. Wow, I didn't know hens could get spurs!! Poor girl!!!

  3. They've gotta come in handy when she's out there riding that horse, rounding up the steers and checking the fence line.

  4. Wow! Most of my hens have spurs, but none are quite that large. Sunny's spurs are quite impressive!