Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say It Three Times, Fast

Baby Bluebirds, Baby Bluebirds, Baby Bluebirds.

Okay, so it's not so tough to say. I thought it would be.

I have two Bluebird nest boxes. Momma and Papa bluebirds from both boxes have hatched and fledged five bluebird babies each. They are currently working on another brood.
Gluttons for punishment I guess.

Every year, I hope for an amazing shot of the box full of babies. Every year, this is the shot I get. As soon as I take the top off the box, they all hunker down and hide. I know that's what they're supposed to do, but you'd think they could pose for at least one or two pictures.

We didn't have bluebirds around when we first moved in. I honestly didn't think they even lived this far south. I was shocked to find a beautiful male sitting on a fence a few years ago. After that, I started keeping my eyes open for his less colorful female counterpart. Sure enough, she was here as well. Now, they and their many offspring have become quite common in our neighborhood. A common sight that I can never get enough of.

Baby Bluebirds, Baby Bluebirds, Baby Bluebirds


  1. I want bluebirds!!!! This post is just wonderful! They seem to come in early spring and then leave. I'm so glad you have them!


  2. Yay! for your bluebirds. Exciting that you have an opportunity to see the babies and share their pics even if they are a little camera shy.

  3. I love bluebirds! We have a few in our area and it is always a joy to see them. And you've got some being raised right there so you can watch them grow. That is really awesome.