Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Really Want Honeybees

In Fact, I'm this:
close to making it happen.

There is a large group of folks in Austin, that have formed a club. I am hoping to offer my land as a host site for someone else. Hopefully, that situation would benefit us both.
1. I'd learn from them.
2. They'd have more hives to produce more honey for themselves.
3. Maybe they'd share a jar or two of honey??

My biggest hurdle will be Lee. He's not afraid of bees at all, just really isn't in favor of having them. I believe the fact that bees in surrounding counties have been id'd as "Africanized", plays into his thoughts. I haven't talked to him about it for several years. I think it's worth revisiting.

My interest in bees started at a very early age. Two different neighbors had bees and included me in taking care of their hives. I loved the idea that they made honey and made our gardens produce fruits and vegetables at the same time. I also loved the huuummmmmm that came from each hive. It seemed soothing instead of frightening.

So, we'll see. For now, I have to be happy with taking pictures of the bees.


  1. Hi CeeCee, I really want honeybees, too. Randy continually reminds me I'm afraid of bees, but really, I'm not all that afraid of honeybees, just other types of bees. When I was a kid my stepdad had honeybees. I remember the hummmm from the hives! I used to help him... well, OK, I watched him, remove honey. It was amazing. We had fresh honey which I loved. I remember getting stung alot, mostly from walking barefoot in the yard and stepping on a bee. But I remember the stings weren't all the bad - they were worse for the poor bee! I always felt sorry for the bee when I was stung, I think it made the hurt less for a kid knowing the bee just gave his life. Please keep us informed about your upcoming bee adventures, it will be a learning experience for me!

  2. Good luck with your idea! I'd go for it in a minute. I totally agree with you about the soothing sound of the hum mixed with the stab (no pun, okay yes, a pun) of apprehension a bee can bring.

    Bees are so efficient and industrious and somehow magical. Love the photo.

  3. good luck. I hope you get your bees. Besides I love honey. When I was growing up my best friend's father had bees. I still remember getting fresh honey from him. Yummmm

  4. Hopped over here from 7MSN blog... What an exquisite photo of the bees! Hope you are able to provide a home for a new bee colony -- they need every one that can help them these days! And I find the hum soothing as well -- many indigenous cultures say the hum is healing.

  5. I have never had honeybees but our neighbors used to and we would buy honey from them. They no loner raise them so I miss that but I still try to buy from local farms because I love it so much. I love all the different flavors that are out there.

  6. My Uncle is a beekeeper in Washington State. :) Totally cool!!!

    Don and I are having terrible allergies this year... Don just told me that he heard that if you eat a tablespoon of local honey every day, it helps. Makes sense, doesn't it?

    I hope you do get bees... I can't wait to hear all about your new adventure!

  7. You should def get them! You have enough space that you can get them away from the house. It's fun and you can't beat th ehoney!

  8. I think you'd love having honeybees. They are really a joy to have around.