Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heart of a Leopard

Domestic house cats are only distantly related to the big cats of Africa.
Every now and then, we get to see a bit of evolution take a step back, to when house cats were more closely related to the big cats.

Hobbes, who happens to be a year old today, is trying to decide which prey to take on.
The chickens and the doe are both at the proverbial "watering hole" (pile of veggie/fruit scraps from my kitchen).

In the wild, the leopard would survey the situation and figure out which prey he'd be more likely to overpower and drag up a tree.
Hobbes, being only distantly related to that cat, makes the wrong decision.

The doe isn't having any part in Hobbes' role playing and stands her ground.
After he figures out that he's made a mistake, she wanders off to take a nap with last year's fawn.

Here, Hobbes makes the better choice.
Luckily for all involved, he only takes pleasure in scattering the chickens.
They know he's little more than a tornado in a teapot.
The chickens are not in any danger, but Hobbes like to pretend they are.

Cheetah in Tree
photo courtesy of

Hobbes does nap like a leopard though.
He also purrs like one.
Maybe they are more closely related on important matters like sleep and happy noises.


  1. It is so fun to see out little "pets" show off their wild. Got a good laugh out of Hobbe's stalking the doe. Bet she was a little off-put and confused by the intruder. Great that you got the photos!

  2. My little orange wonder attacks, the dog, the other cat. He is def a little closer to wild that I would like!

  3. Happy Birthday Hobbes!

    What great pictures, CeeCee!

  4. That was awesome. My little cheetah wannabes are envious.

  5. Well, it certainly seems Hobbes has the heart of a cheetah - and the good looks :) Too funny he chose the deer to impress with his instinct!

  6. Happy Birthday Hobbes! I so love cats...this is a great post!


  7. Ha, ha, ha, Hobbes! You character.
    I bet he felt like such a stud after all this hunting and (pretend) gathering. :-)
    That one shot of him with the deer standing over him is freaky, though. I've seen videos of the intense fighting skills deer have when they're trying to fend something off. Those hooves are potent weapons.
    Happy bday, Hobbes - very cool that you get to be outside now.

  8. Hobbes is adorable and I love how tough he is trying to be.