Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't Force Retirement

First, I'd like to point out that there are 5 eggs in my picture. I only have 3 hens that are supposed to be of laying age.
The other five hens must not have gotten the memo that they can retire now. They've been laying for 5 years.
Admittedly, I gave those hens the winter off. I did not artificially light the chicken coop. Maybe that's what made the difference.

Nearly every day, I get at least 4 eggs, sometimes 5 or 6. I do sort of wish the older hens would stop laying, as the quality of their eggs leaves something to be desired visually. Cloudy whites and heavily spotted with blood spots. All just signs of aging, but egg laying is hard on a chicken. They deserve a break.

I don't know who laid the tiny egg. It was fully formed, hard as a rock like all the other eggs, and had a white and a bit of yolk. Better luck next time for whichever girl laid it. I just hope the other hens don't catch on. You know it's got to be MUCH easier to lay a tiny egg, than a jumbo size one.
It would take 2 dozen of the tiny size egg to make a breakfast.

The picture below is for my friend, Danni. I know she'd ask. :)


  1. Very impressive! Those girls have stamina. Perhaps they think that as long as there is an egg in their nest they won't have to stick their neck out and be invited in for dinner.

    Too bad they can't plant seeds and weed and make bread like the Little Red Hen. I've never met a chicken like her.

  2. I had no idea that the quality of eggs declined with the hen's age. The things I'm learning from centipedes and now this!

  3. The girls are obviously working hard to make their Mama proud. :)

  4. Now *that* is a small egg! :-) :-)

    And I'm with Carson - I didn't realize the quality on the inside of the egg declined with hen age! I've noticed some changes in shell quality among my 3 year old hens but, so far, the insides are still ok.

  5. Good post! I love chickens and finding an egg...why priceless!


  6. Bigger "eggs" are harder to lay than little ones that's for sure! :)

  7. I agree with everyone else, I also didn't know the quality of the egg degrades with the age of the hen. We have one hen who's approximately 3 years old. We got her as an adult hen, our first mama hen who came with chicks. She lays perfect eggs still, but she lays less than she used to.

  8. That pic is just plain hilarious! What a size differential!