Monday, January 3, 2011

Granny Glasses

Graying hair hasn't made me feel old.
Aches and pains haven't made me feel old.
Having a kid in college hasn't made me feel old.
The wrinkles that form the number eleven between my eyebrows don't make me feel old.
The age spots on my 'too much time in the sun' neckline don't make me feel old.
Heck, turning 45 didn't make me feel old.

Buying 'readers' from the Walgreens and having to hang them off the end of my nose to see far away makes me feel old.
Go figure?

Okay, I'll admit, the drooping jaw line has made me feel a bit old, but not like the Granny glasses.


  1. Condolences and sympathy from my corner. Of course you could invest in some no-line bifocals so you wouldn't have to hang them off the nose. But I can tell you from personal experience that they will cost (mine are trifocal)unless you have insurance that covers such things.

    Just avoid mirrors and go into denial. That works for me.

  2. Cee Cee, embrace the granny glasses :) LOL I tell you, the day I turned 40 I woke up with poor eye sight for reading. I kid you not--it happened that night. I think a fairy came to my room and gave me the”well, you’re 40 now treatment as my knees started acting up too. However, I decided I was going to embrace my readers. I’ve bought some really cute ones--lots of colors and fun gemstones on the side--very cheap. I try to think of them as maturity glasses or those of a wise woman vs. a granny :) LOL

  3. I'm giggling - nothing has made me feel old since the day I turned 30 (37 years ago!!!), had to get my driver's license in a new state (moved frm CA to GA) and my daugher (3 YO then) decided to cry for her Daddy (just divorced)!!!

  4. I'm right there with ya, CeeCee. I remember when I could read with my nose on the page, now it's like looking through a rain covered window...blurry. bah!
    I recently bought an extra pair of granny glasses to keep in my letterboxing gear because there have been times, especially at dusk and night time that I can't read the clues.....and even though I can ask my kidlets to read them for me....well you know what that's like. It's like admitting your an old lady or something. :P

    Sympathies and Comraderie,


    (that's me in my granny glasses. lol!)

  5. I must disagree (unless the glasses you chose are exactly like the ones pictured. In which case "what were you thinking??")
    I have long equated the "half-glasses on the tip of the nose" with intellect and have anticipated the day when I could finally get me some. Alas, I have to wear bifocals since I can't see distance worth a darn (I cried on the day that I picked up my first pair at Costco because when the salesperson asked, "Can you read this?" I could! Finally!) At any rate, I think that readers = intellectual = sexy. You must realize that in my world Jeff Goldblum - the go-to actor for brilliant scientist roles - is super hot. (Though I haven't seen him photographed wearing readers yet. Someone will need to hold me back when I do.) When my sweetie wears his readers I usually jump him. So there you have it: another opinion.

    And I second the suggestion to find a supercute colorful pair. And add a beaded chain. Those are adorable. (Envy.)

  6. Honest to goodness, I've only had to really start wearing the granny glasses to read in the last couple of months. They totally make me feel self-conscious, but what the heck! My biggest problem is that I keep forgetting that I actually need them to read now... but I don't want to start wearing them on a string around my neck!

  7. You also need to get an old beaded thing that allows you to drop the glasses around your neck when not in use...all the foxy older ladies are sporting those too!

  8. Leenie, Lee wants me to get 'real' glasses. I'd imagine they'd have to be bifocal. I like the idea of avoiding mirrors, though. :)

    Amy, It seems to have happened to me overnight as well! That and chin hairs. I've had others suggest the really fun, colorful readers. Trouble is, I'm not very colorful in my wardrobe or very whimsical in my personal life to pull it off.

    Oh Mom L! How traumatic! Seems as though you've moved onward/upward from there.

    Lisa, I have 3 pairs of granny glasses. I'm forever misplacing them. Good idea having a pair right in your LBing kit!

    Julie, I agree on the Jeff Goldblum thing. I just really can't wrap myself into the Granny glasses idea---probably because I have the "what were you thinking" pair. :) The chain will wait until I'm too old to wander about the house in search of my glasses. I know what you mean about your sweetie in eyeglasses. Same here. :)

    Justina, I've had mine for a year. I STILL sit down to eat EVERY night w/o mine on. Have to stop because my dinner is a blurry mess w/o them.

    Warren, I know you're just yanking the proverbial 'granny glasses chain'. :)