Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Pearl, me and my sister, Jean.
Nope, no Kevin Bacon here.
Although, I'm quite sure he'd have been thrilled with the remake of his 80's breakout hit.
Pearl's high school christened their brand new, state of the art auditorium with a musical production of Footloose.
For two months, the cast and crew worked after school to master enormous dance numbers, all while polishing the more serious side of the story.
Pearl was spot on as Eleanor Dunbar, one of Beaumont's most conservative citizens. She can swing a gavel and burn a book like nobody's business.
We weren't able to get any pictures of the performance. This auditorium is the real deal. Complete with the "no flash photography" rule. By the time we actually located her after the show, she'd already gotten into her street clothes.
It'll take six weeks for the DVD to come out. Until then, she and her fellow cast members will have to wait to enjoy the show. Being backstage, waiting to go on, is not the best seat in the house.
I know she'll be as proud of her performance as we are.


  1. Yay Pearl!! Wish we could see her in action. That photo of the three of you is adorable.

  2. What a wonderful photo of you three!
    And hearty congratulations to Pearl on her performance! :-)

  3. Nothing quite as fun as a high school musical. Only one performance after all that practice? Nice that they have a new auditorium. Our H.S. just got one too.

    And, no, not worried about security in this part of Mexico. At least not any more than in big city U.S. Other places in Mexico--not so much.

  4. Hi Vonda, good to see you!
    Danni, thanks.
    Leenie, they actually had five performances and were exhaused by the end. Glad you feel safe where you are. Very important!

  5. Pearl I am SO proud of you and can't wait to see your performance, wish I could have been there in person!

  6. Awesome!!! Great photo - you look great CeeCee!