Thursday, January 20, 2011

Booby Trap

If you look closely, you'll see what looks like stripes on my countertop.
It's tape.
Upside down packing tape.

What's it for?
It's for capturing the sneaky, counter-surfing, bacon grease eating, bowl licking predator known in these parts as Hobbes.
AKA Office Assistant

I have tried everything short of buying those wildly expensive ScatMats (electric shock) to teach this kitty to stay off the counters.
The fact that he gets on the counters at all, gives me the willies.
I wipe the counters down with bleach water or antibacterial stuff several times a day.
I'm beginning to think that I'll be eroding the surface of the granite before too long.

So far the tape seems to be working.
So far.
I fully expect to come home in the next day or two and find my cat covered in packing tape.
How will I get him out of all that tape?
I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

For now, I sit happy in the knowledge that my counters have been cat free for the last 24 hours.
As a bonus, they are also clutter free.
You can't just chuck stuff onto the counter when it is in danger of becoming covered in tape.


  1. Haaa....this is cracking me up - you've got tape strips all over your counters! :-)
    How does Hobbes know those strips are there? I mean, why has this made him suddenly stop jumping up there?
    We had a cat when I was little that kept digging in my mom's house plants... they used a squirt bottle with water to dissuade...

  2. The water bottle trick only works if you are there with a water bottle. Most of his counter surfing takes place when no one is home.
    The tape--the idea is that he jumps up as usual but ends up on tape. Cats really, really hate having anything sticky or pokey on their feet. So far (fingers crossed) he has stayed off after one trip through the tape maze.

  3. I'm sorry CeeCee. But I'm laughing out loud right now. That is tooooo funny!!!

    I'm sure it's not funny to you so I promise I'll stop laughing in a minute. :D

  4. Of course if you find Hobbes covered in tape, incriminating pictures shared with online friends are SO required.

  5. I agree, I hate animals on the counters, it grosses me out... BIG TIME! Hopefully the tape works, it seems like a too good to be true, really easy solution... time will tell.. That said, if Hobbes does make trouble and gets covered in tape, I want pictures!

  6. That really made me laugh. I have this mental picture of Hobbes ll covered in tape. I agree, cats on the counter are just gross.

  7. So far, no cat covered in tape. I will take pictures if it occurs, but wonder if PETA might come calling.

    He has ventured up once, and gotten right back down. I even left a frying pan with bacon grease on the counter--no kitty.

    On the downside, the family is getting a bit tired of having to constantly be aware of where there is tape and not tape. Funny, I'm here all day and it doesn't bug me one bit. I am LOVING having clutter free countertops!

  8. Your Hobbs looks just like our TomTom!! Sure hope he does not get himself all wound up in that tape....what a mess that would be. Reminds me of the time I found one of my hens wrapped in fly tape....Oh, my. She earned the name Sticky!!

  9. That is too funny! Hobbes is a sneaky fella. But I have the same question as Farmgirl_dk - how does Hobbes know that the tape is there? Has he been into it yet? Why is it discouraging him from jumping up there if he hasn't experienced it yet? Wait. That was three questions.... but curious minds want to know :)

  10. I am like you I would expect to come home to a tape covered cat! What a mess that will be.



  11. What a great idea. I have a Hobbes here too--her name is Janie. She loves to jump up on the counters like she owns them and I then throw a fit and she gets down. I am taping tomorrow!

  12. This is a good idea. I remember once we had a cat, my beloved Sheena, who started getting on the couch. I put tape on the couch and it changed her mind! it works!!! I really don't like sitting on a couch or chair that is covered in cat hair. I give them their own beds. And I cannot stand the thought of kitties on the counters, either! Lluckily, neither of my current cats, who both were adult strays when I took them in, even think of getting on counters or couches. Good luck, keep us posted!


  13. That's a great idea...we have been struggling with Seph and we have been the losers in the battle...I will def try the tape!

  14. Too funny. I love cats but that is one thing that drove me nuts with ours. He just would not stay off the counters. While we were home we would squirt him with water using a spray bottle and he never jumped up there while people were around. But when we left then it was another story. He finally stopped when he became too fat and old to jump that high. So the last few years were really enjoyable before he passed away. Goofy cat! I love your tape method. I will tell my daughter about this for her kitty.

  15. I grew up with 8 cats. There was no keeping them off counters, as a matter of fact our oldest cat got along with the others but would not eat with them. She ate on the clothes washer. Good luck with your training program.