Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pretty in Pink

...and purple, and orange, and blue.
I count myself lucky to be a "morning person".
Missing spectacular sunrises like this one would be a shame.


  1. I'm like you UP EARLY!!!! And I LOVE THE SUNRISE!!!!


  2. That's a winner of a sunrise. Not hard to catch one this time of year, but when you can witness one like that it's worth getting up early even when it happens before six in the summer.

    Morning person here too. But we woke up to fog.

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  3. Beautiful! The sky looks like it is on fire. Sunsets ain't half bad either :D

  4. I couldn't agree more. What a beautiful vision first thing in the morning. :)

  5. Oh me too! I am an early morning person and always have been. I love the sunrises and sunsets....Beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your kind words the past few months...they really do mean so much to me. It has been difficult but is getting better each day. I hope I am back now for a while. You are a sweetheart. Bless you!

  6. Beautiful picture! We're morning people, too. Watching the sun wake up is my favorite time of the day.

  7. Gorgeous!

    Colorful sunrises must be a southwestern thing. Everytime I post photos of our beautiful sunrises, I get visitors from the west coast and east coast who say "what a great sunset!"

    Around these parts we get gorgeou skies in the a.m and the p.m.
    Yes we are very lucky!