Friday, December 3, 2010

Perfect Cat Litter!

I know everyone has been on the edge of their seat wondering if I'd ever find the perfect kitty litter that would do two things:
1. Cover up odors.
2. Be unscented.

What I found in my earlier post was that most companies use a scent to cover up the odor. What it really did was make the house smell like flowers and kitty poo, instead of just kitty poo.

I hit the computer to see what others were saying about litter and also took y'all's advice.

Yes, "y'all's" is a word. It means all of you. It can often be found being used another way--
"All y'all"
What it means is "All of you all".
It seems redundant to say "All of you all" doesn't it?
It isn't. Trust me.
I can use it in a sentence.
By the way, "Y'all" is spelled just like you see it.
It's a contraction of 'You' and 'All". The apostrophe goes just after the 'Y' because there is no 'A' in 'You'.
I will often see it spelled 'Ya'll'.
For the record, no one else in my family can be found using 'Y'all, Fixin' to, or All Y'all'.
We'll address 'Fixin' to' during another class.
This message was brought to you by a transplanted mid-westerner living in the great state of Texas.
We now return to our regularly scheduled infomercial.

Are you still here?
Good, because I have the best news to hit cat owners since........
.....dry cat food (canned food, eewww).

Drum roll please

My house no longer smells like kitty litter or kitty poo.
It smells like my house.

I found a combination of two litters works best.
One is expensive, and the other is mighty cheap.

Moltan Company 25lb Clay Cat Litter 3425
Plain old clay cat litter. No extra anything. Including scents.
25 lbs for $6!

World's Best World#39s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula 7 lb

Made from corn. Clumps wonderfully. Has no scent, whatsoever!
17 lbs. for $18.50 at Tractor Supply

I combine them about 2-1.
Two parts clay to 1 part WBCL.

I clean the litter box every day.
I do notice an odor if the cat has just been in the box, but it fades very quickly.

And so, my quest has ended.
I've shared my discovery with the cyber-world.
My work here is done.


  1. My mother's people are from Texas...I understand Texan speak very well. It is also pretty cool that you all WRITE Texan!


  2. Congratulations! Glad to hear.

  3. I definitely appreciate the tutorial on the usage and spelling of the most useful collective pronoun "y'all". I cringe when I see it misspelled. Thanks for your public service!

  4. Good work on the kitty litter problem. Well done.

    And I really like the term Y'all. It helps define whether the "you" is singular or plural. I've heard Katie Couric use it properly. Unfortunately, people here in Idaho would think I was being goofy or affected if I used it. Maybe I'll just pack up and move down where it's warm with y'all.

  5. That’s great to know. I am with you on the littler box smell. One reason I’ve pushed to keep my kitties outside. I just can’t stand that powdery scent. This is great news :)

  6. Ohhhhhh! Thank you for the kitty litter info! I'm going to try this. And I completely understand "y'all" and totally know all about "fixing to". I was fixin' to write y'all, by the way :)

  7. Linda, I thought about you today--is the corn in yet? I hope so.

    Katie, maybe one day you'll get another kitty.

    Kathy, you taught me something I'd long forgotten--"collective pronoun". It's official that y'all is a word. :)

    Leenie, I'm sure the Gem state has it's own special words that I wouldn't know what to do with. I think moving to Texas is a fine idea. Austin is the best city.

    Amy, you could give the litter idea a shot. Your kitties might enjoy a bit time indoors. On the other hand, they might be terrified of confined spaces.

    Penny, so glad you're home! I figured you know y'all and fixin' to. It really is a southern thing, not just Texan. :)

  8. Thanks for giving us the straight poop on...poop. I hate cat litter stuff too so I will probably give this a whirl...egads I hate cat litter issues...