Sunday, December 5, 2010

Office Assistant Gets a Promotion

Hobbes, has been my office assistant for several months now.
He is very helpful and is a quick learner.
In my last report, he was finally able to visit the factory

One thing he noticed right away was the theft that was taking place in the factory's cafeteria.
He took it upon himself to manage our net losses in the cafeteria anytime he was there.
Unfortunately, he was having trouble figuring out a way to make it happen in a productive way.

Yesterday, he was finally able to make some headway. He caught one of the thieves, red-handed.
Well, red-winged if you want to get technical.
He came to my office window carrying an English House Sparrow by the wing. In his effort to explain to me what he had done, the culprit got away. English House Sparrows are known criminals. The are considered an invasive species for many reasons. The main reason for Hobbes to take them on, is their blatant stealing of pounds and pounds of chicken food from the factory cafeteria---all in broad daylight.

Because Hobbes has displayed such initiative in this project, he will be given a promotion from my office assistant, to VP in Charge of Security. (day shift only)
He will maintain all his current benefits, get a raise and his own chair.
I believe it is a win/win situation for all of us here at the Egg factory.


  1. So glad Hobbes got the extra, well broken in office chair. He deserves it. Cats wishing to share the story of their capture has resulted in some exciting times in our house as well. Escaped birds and rodents diving for cover after release always causes a flurry (or furry) of action.

    Those sparrows are nasty little critters; thieving and crapping on feed meant for farm animals does not endear them to many. Glad you have a new VP in Charge of Security. Go Hobbes!

  2. Way to go, Hobbes! Congrats on your promotion.

  3. I must say that Hobbes looks quite pleased with his promotion and his chair. :D

  4. Very cute post! I am so not a fan of Sparrows so GOOD JOB, Well Done! Hobbs