Monday, December 20, 2010

Hobbes Needs New Shoes

Someone has outgrown his shoes, or rather, his shoebox.
He stubbornly stuffs himself in his box, no matter how uncomfortable.
Too bad there isn't a belt attached that he can loosen in order breathe more easily.
Luckily for him, Christmas is just around the corner.
I would suspect that Santa will be bringing boxes of all shapes and sizes.
Hopefully, there'll be one that fits him just perfectly.


  1. Haaaa...sweet Hobbes...he's clearly wondering why his special box shrank. :-)

  2. Danni, my pants tend to shrink this time of year as well. I'm guessing it has something to do with the lower temperatures.

  3. Your office assistant is growing like a teenage boy. Hope Santa knows he gonna need a bigger box.

  4. Lower temps seem to have the same effect on my pants!

  5. I agree with farmgirl....Hobbes is so determined to stay in the box his eyes look like he is puzzled that it doesn't really fit anymore.


  6. Cats know what they want, even if it doesn't fit! I sometimes feel like that, too!!!

  7. Leenie, he does seem like a teenage boy these days---all legs, eats buckets of food and is moody.

    Linda, He was puzzled and a bit perturbed that we were documenting his drama with a camera.

    Mom L. Thanks for stopping by. Your calico kitty is a beauty, and I can see that she likes to help with the computer too.

  8. Oh my goodness... that's too cute. He obviously loves that box, but good thing you've got lots of new boxes coming soon.

    By the way, my pants also seem to be shrinking...