Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AMC Pacer Vs Mercedes S550

They both do the job, but goodness, you never know luxury until you're sitting in it!

And all this time, I thought a chair was a chair.
I guess that is no more true than to say that a car is a car.

Thanks Lee, for my early Christmas present.
My whole body thanks you immensely!


  1. Wow! Jackpot! Your buns and shoulders should be very happy! Loved that Pacer, though.

  2. Does your office assistant(Hobbes) know about the change? WHERE is he going to sleep NOW?

  3. Oh my yes...I sit on my hind-end all day long and there is absolutely a difference. Most I ever spent on a chair for work? $900 and absolutely worth every penny!

  4. That is too stinkin' funny. Don's car during our high school years was a Pacer. God knows why, but he loved that car. :D

    Nice Christmas present... it should make all the difference in the world!!! :)

  5. It is always important that your feet and your bum are comfey cozy!!! BTW....LOVE, LOVE, that Christmas video you did from JibJab!!! Too cute!!

  6. Looks like a very nice upgrade!! Enjoy it :)