Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitty Litter Lotto

Two things you need to know before reading this story.
1. I'm very sensitive to scents/smells.
2. I've never owned an indoor-only cat.
When Hobbes joined our family, we knew it might be a year before he was able to venture outside without a chaperone. We are even debating whether to ever let him out without a human by his side.
Why? Because a coyote was finally wily enough last February to catch our beloved cat of 10 years. Just opening the story to provide a link made my stomach ball up and my heart lurch.

So why the discussion? Cats the world over are indoor-only cats. Hobbes will be just fine as an indoor only cat----except for one thing. The litter box! The litter box is making me crazy.
With Lucky, we never had a litter box. He went outside to do his business. We had a box in the house that he only used when we were out of town or during torrential downpours.

Here's where I'm at.
Obviously, we don't want the house to smell like cat potty. We've all seen commercials about it and we all know at least one person who has an apartment/house that smells like cats. These people must not be using the right kitty litter, right???

On the flip side, to combat the odors that come from kitties, the litter people have added all multitude of perfumes to cover up said odors. If you look back up to the top, you'll see that this is a problem for me in bullet #1.

I don't want any scent or odor of any kind? Is that possible? If you'll look at #2, you'll notice I've never done this before.

Are these my only options?
A. Have the house smell like kitty potty?
B. Have my house smell like litter perfume?
C. Have my house smell like both A. and B. ?

Here are the litters I've tried. If you have something different that you are using and have a house that smells like......a house. PLEASE share your litter choice with me!

I'm guessing this really means, "More perfume"?

Who is breathing easier, the cat or me? It's 99% dust free but it's also non-clumping. Problem.

These folks add baking soda to their mix. They also add "Fresh Scent".
Same stuff, only it's "Unscented". No it's not--the liars! Unscented stuff is never really unscented, it just doesn't have any added perfumes.

Immediate odor control. Immediate mix of kitty potty and litter perfume. Ewwww.

Destroys odors instantly as opposed to immediately. Still with the "Fresh Scent"

"Instant action". Poor kitty, it must be like when humans use those automatic flush potties at the airport that flush before you're done. Scary.

Feline Pine OriginalYesterday's News Original Formula Bag
These are both good ideas, but they are pellets instead of litter. These have no odor control really. No clumping, either. That means the litter box is a mess. Very difficult to clean every day.

This is just about where I am. I'm about to go dig up some dirt and put it in the litter box. It has very little odor and can be dumped when the box needs cleaning.
Litter makers, are you listening? How about bagging up some dirt and putting a sweet kitten on the outside of the package. You could call it "Dirt Cheap".


  1. No help here. Thomas uses the indoor potty. He hates bad weather and we have a lot of that. The littler box is way down in the basement. We deal with it and dump it when it gets too gross. Good Luck finding a lotto winnter.

  2. I have moved over to the crystal stuff (very expensive) but it lasts a long time and we never have any smells.


  3. Great question for sure. I've had litter boxes over the years and never been able to escape the odor. Truth be told...I would rather have kitty odor than that dusty, perfumed odor any day. It chokes me. My kitty goes outside like yours did. I don't ever want to deal with litter boxes again. I'm going to check out that crystal stuff though mentioned by Linda--never heard of it :)

  4. My 2 litter boxes are in the laundry area, I clean them nightly. I don't notice any smell. But I HATE the dust! I'm going to have to try that dust-free one!

  5. We use the Feline Pine clumping. It is a fine grain and our cats like it. It isn't perfumed and I just scoop it every day.

  6. I too, have a very sensitive nose and don't want my home to smell like anything but fresh, clean air. I've had indoor cats for 18 years now. For the past 6 years I have used an expensive litter called "The World's Best Cat Litter". It is really expensive, but it also works really well. It is made mostly of corn. I don't notice any smell unless I don't scoop the box at least once per day. It soaks up moisture (my elderly cats pee a lot!)and clumps very well. The corn is better than the clay litters as it doesn't have dust that can get into your or your cat's lungs. Here's the link to their website, but I buy it in my local Pet/Feed store:

  7. Why would you give your idea to someone who'll just steal it, start digging up their yard in Wisconsin and make fortune. Sarah? Sarah? I want to own my own island someday too. Oh and CeeCee, you ain't never gonna get the dirt from Tejas! :).

  8. " must be like when humans use those automatic flush potties at the airport that flush before you're done. Scary." That made me laugh!

    I can't be of much help concerning a truly odorless kitty litter. We have two cats, but use the perfumey litter. The perfumey smell does not bother us. The poopy smell does! I scoop at least once a day, and again whenever I get a whiff of poop.

  9. When researching this, I was horrified to think that cat litters say you can leave it for "one month" without scooping. Poor kitties!
    We (meaning mostly me) scoop once a day.

  10. We scooop a lot and change ours the first hint of odor it goes out the door. We use el-cheapo litter as we never really saw too much real benefit from the higher end stuff