Thursday, November 18, 2010

iMac Attack

I cried when Lee bought me an iMac.
Well, I didn't really cry until I turned it on and tried to use it.
It is nothing like a PC, except that it magically brings in and sends out information.
Lee will tell you it's not magic, but he's a computer magician.
Computer magicians never share trade secrets except with other magicians.

At the time, there were no 'how-to' books available to go along with the purchase of a Mac.
Apple offered all sorts of classes and private sessions in order to teach you how to use the product.
I just wanted to use the darn thing, I didn't want to have to go to school to learn how to use it.
I muddled through and taught myself how to do the things I wanted to do with it.
I'm quite certain that I'm only using about 10% of the capabilities of my Mac.
My kids know how to use the other 90% and they are always teaching me new things.

A year ago last September, my Mac freaked out.
It needed a new something or other. A major something or other.
Since it was still under warranty, Apple picked up the tab.

In late October of this year, the monitor screen started having fits. Pixels of green and gray would show up in the middle of the screen.
Then it would take over the whole screen.
If we turned it off and on a few times, we could get it to run right again.....
for a few days.
Early last week, it wigged out for good.
Lee, who doesn't really like the Mac because he can't work his magic on it, was talking about replacing it with a PC.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth of teeth on my part, he relented and said I could take it in to have it looked at.
Yesterday, I left my beloved Mac at the Apple store.
They gave me an early diagnosis of, "Sounds like you need a new video card."
They'll call me if they find anything worse.

Until then, I'm on the ancient PC.
It works just fine and I'm remembering how to use it.
I still want my Mac back.

Apple, are you done yet? I miss my machine.
Call me.


  1. Cee Cee, how funny. I just got a Mac Book Pro in October. I've never used a Mac in my life and use a PC for work. I know I am using about 1% of it but somehow I am still loving it. I don't know why but I do. I just have to keep working with it to get the rest :) Hope you get it back real soon :) I bet you are trying to push the mouse pad in like you do the Mac--right?
    Amy :)


    That is all...

  3. Amy, I have an upright iMac, so I still use a keyboard. I'm glad you like yours. The reason Lee, who hates Macs, bought me one is because of computer viruses. My Mac does not get viruses of any sort.

    Warren, OMGoodness! How perfect. Lee will very much appreciate the irony. He may also start to whimper a bit. The video card (parts/labor) is $369 plus tax.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Hope your baby comes back home SOON all better and ready to run.

    I've worked on both sides--Mac and PC. Whatever I've been using long enough to be reasonably comfortable with the hot keys and the locations of stuff is the one I like best. Right now it's PC at work and home.

    I would love a new Mac laptop if one would just magically show up all paid for with plenty of graphics software installed. Until then I'll just be happy with my Dell.

  5. Hope your beloved is returned to you soon. :) I'll admit... I've never worked with a Mac... the idea of having something that I wouldn't know how to use freaks me out. :D

  6. p.s. I made your pork verde recipe. We LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!