Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hobbes Visits the Factory

He's not too sure what to think of his co-workers.
I believe he thought he was better than them---looking down on their factory floor from his cozy window office.
He knows they don't enjoy the benefits package that he does.
It wasn't until he met them in person that he realized they are just animals like he is. They are friendly and diligent workers as well.
It also wasn't until he met them, that he realized they could beat the tar out of him and he'd better stop looking down his nose at them.

photo by Pearl


  1. I love hearing about Hobbes because I can enjoy the cat antics without having one!

  2. Haha! Interesting what you can learn when you come out of that corner office and spend some time among the workers. The crouching tiger made me laugh.

  3. HAHAHAH! I take the chickens scared Hobbs!


  4. Is Hobbes wearing a harness? My cats are terrified of the chickens. They scream and squawk and fly and peck. Who ever heard such noise???

  5. Ohhh... just look at him hunting. King of the jungle! :)

  6. Has he tasted them though? That's why HR better keep an eye on that one!

  7. Yes, Hobbes started out 'hunting' the chickens and then realized how big they were. He personifies 'scaredy cat'.
    He is in a harness. We really aren't ready to let him roam. He's still not a very big cat and we'd hate, hate, hate to lose him to a predator.