Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

My beautiful bumblebee, Pearl and her buddies for halloween.

James as 2d, from the Gorillaz. A musical group that uses cartoon characters for all their videos.

Remember momma raccoon and her four babies? I saw hide nor hair of them all summer. Last Saturday, I saw all four babies crossing the road at the corner of my property. They were cute little, balls of 6 month old furr. They were also looking for dinner. What this means is, momma, poppa, and four babies living in the immediate vicinity of my chicken coop. Not normally a problem, but there is the odd night where the coop is either not locked up at all, or not locked up until very late.
Raccoons + chickens = dead chickens.

Hobbes has declared that we may never go on vacation again. He is a lap kitty that needs people. He had about 24 hours of limited human contact when we went to San Francisco. If it hadn't been for our neighbors, he would have had none for those 24 hours. Then Tom came home from college and rescued him by staying at the house. To punish me for leaving him, he gave me a big chomp on the arm. He got in trouble for it. Then we kissed and made up.

My iMac has been having nervous breakdowns. It is my primary computer. Blogging becomes nearly impossible when it has a fit. I can use our ancient PC, but I don't have any access to pictures on it. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the Mac has moments of clarity (like now). That means it isn't a priority to get fixed, because it's only down sometimes. One of the kids took this picture to show me what it's doing when it flips out. I have yet to witness it. If you are a Mac person and recognize this color combo (gray and green), followed by a completely white screen, let me know.


  1. I only have a passing relationship with macs but I would go buy an external hard drive asap and back your pics up. Way too often we have clients come in w/o backups and they have lost all of their pics...

  2. You are so right about the chickens and the 'coons. They will have to go, be relocated or....


  3. Cute Halloween costumes! I know all too well that raccoons + chickens = dead chickens. Learned that early on I neglected to lock up the coop one night and lost 2 of my girls. That's why my husband and I take separate cars if we're going to a family function, etc. and there's even a chance that we'll be out past dark. One of us has to bolt to get home and lock up the girls. I never want to take a chance like that again. Hard lesson learned!

  4. Isn't it great to have at least one night in the year when no matter what we wear--no one questions. Your bee and 2d are so fun. Hope they brought home some goodies to share.

    The raccoons and also Hobbes look so sweet. How could they ever be a problem (I know, I know).

    No help with the Mac. Although Mac is my fav kind of computer. Been stuck with pc's these past few years. Hope you find a remedy soon.

  5. Cute costumes!! I hope the raccoons find other means of food...as cute as they are, they are no friend to those of us raising chickens. Good luck with your Mac. I just got one last month and am still learning how to use it but I have no idea bout the green and grey screen--ouch!

  6. Hobbes cracks me up. Roxy always tweaks out when we start pulling out the suit cases.
    She doesn't mind it when we pack our clothes into small plastic crates (for the trailer) because experience has taught her she gets to come along, but she knows when the zippered things come out that she won't be accompanying us and gets very pouty.