Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Things

A blogger friend, Katie, has been to hell and back this year. She spent February in the ICU fighting for her life. Meningococcal septicemia almost won. It redefined how she looks at herself and the world around her.
Today on her blog she listed
"30 Things I Love About Myself".
Brave woman.

I'm going to give it a shot today. Thank you, Katie, for helping me outside my comfort zone. It's important that we all do it once in a while.

Most days, I'd be hard pressed to list things I even 'like' about myself.
I think it's a woman thing.
We aren't supposed to pat ourselves on the back.
We aren't trained to say, "Thank You" when someone compliments us.
We are trained to say,
"Aw, this old thing, I've had it for years".
"Really, you think so? I was thinking it makes my backside look big."
"You have to say that because we're married."
"Really? I think it has waaay too much salt in it."

And so, feeling much like this fawn did when I took his picture, I will list 30 things I love about myself.

If you are feeling brave, please list a thing or two about yourself that you love.

Thirty Things I Love About Myself

1. Friends can count on me.
2. I almost always make dinner for the family.
3. I have thick, happy hair.
4. I know a little bit about a lot of things.
5. I'm frugal.
6. I will turn the car around to rescue a turtle in the road.
7. If I'm wrong, I will apologize.
8. I have learned to say 'No, I'm sorry I can't ...."
9. I have great skin.
10. I am accepting of all people.
11. I conquered my fear of flying.
12. I'm not afraid of physical work.
13. I try to make our home a refuge from work and school.
14. I make pie crust and biscuits from scratch.
15. I am brave to have an animal put down when it's time.
16. I would do #15 for a friend, if they couldn't.
17. I try to give folks a 'story' (excuse) if they are rude to me.
18. I don't think I'm any better than anyone else.
19. I sing in the car. Loudly.
20. I make up silly songs about the people I love.
21. I would drive all the way to DDs house to move a dead animal if she asked me to.
22. I will take care of any neighbor's animals for free. Even horses, which I'm allergic to.
23. I love nature/outdoors.
24. I believe in God.
25. I believe that God doesn't have to be found in church or religion.
26. I talk to my animals.
27. I am raising good kids.
28. I can take pretty good pictures.
29. I am working on understanding what my kids mean and not just what they say.
30. I take a nap without feeling guilty.

How about you? Anything you love about yourself?


  1. You sound like an extremely "beautiful" person. I would love to have you for a friend anytime.

  2. I totally second what linda m said, CeeCee. I LOVE your list and you are a beautiful person. :D Hugs.

  3. There are more things than that I love about you. I love that you know how to say the right things at the right times... especially when I'm hurting and need an ear... I love that you a thoughtful aunt and I got to spend tons of time with you when I was growing up even though you lived far away. I love that you sent Bella and I a package just because. I love you made me a blanket because I loved Bella's so much! I love that you have endless love. I love that you are a shining example in my life of a healthy HAPPY marriage. I love that you are a little bit normal in the midst of my crazy fam :)

  4. What a brave post. To me it's brave because it's personal. It's hard to talk about one's self like this, especially online. But I love your list, it makes me smile!

  5. I am so glad to see that you did this! Your amazingness shines through the words you write - I consider you a friend although we've never met in person. And I love what Sarah wrote. That is PRECISELY the kind of person I imagine you to be.

  6. I love this post, CeeCee. You are such a beautiful person. And I loved Sarah's comment, too. It made my eyes drippy.

  7. Thanks everyone. It really was hard to come up with 30 things. At about #8, I had to really think hard.

    Penny, Sarah makes my eyes drippy too. :)