Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Horse, or Not to Horse

When I was a little girl, all I ever asked for at every gift giving opportunity was a pony.
Never got one.
Something about living in suburbia made it impossible.
Still, I wanted one.
When you're 10, you imagine that a horse "can too live in the backyard."

I had to be satisfied with riding at my uncle's house in the summers and riding at a local place that rented horses by the hour.
As a young adult, I wrangled horses at a YMCA youth camp. My horse that summer was my dream horse--a white Arabian.
In all situations, the horses were wild as March hares.
When I was younger, all that 'mind-of-their-own' thing was fun for me. Made the ride all that much more enjoyable.

Then I grew up.
I had an amazing trail ride weekend in West Texas.
The horses belonged to an outfitter and they were solid as a rock.
They had to be, or you'd tumble off the side of the mountains.
The outfitter couldn't afford to have horses that weren't sound in mind and body.

It was time to get my own horse.
And I did.
I didn't make the mistake of buying because of looks (see horse below).
As they say in the horse world,
"Green riders + Green horses = Black and Blue"
In other words, someone is going to get hurt.
Odds are, it's going to be the human.


I did my research and looked at many, many horses.
I finally decided on one that fit my criteria.
He wasn't green, but boy was he smart.
Luke had my number from day one.

It took a spectacular wreck for me to be terribly afraid of riding him.
A year of weekly training sessions, a year of getting over my fear of repeating the wreck and a few thousand dollars, I was ready to get back on the trails again.

He still had my number and I ended up with a backside full of cactus spines.
I sold him with full disclosure.

So, why this post?
Geez, I'm allergic to the darn critters anyway. I sneeze and break out in hives.

It's just that the weather is cool. Perfect for trail rides.
I hear people at my son's soccer games talking about their trail rides.
I read blogs of people that are in love with their horses.
I remember the rides with my friend, DD and her great horses.

With the exception of DD's horses, all the other horses I've ever met are wacky.
They all suffer from the same problem--they're prey animals.
I just want a nice trail ride again.

Fall makes some people think of fires in the fireplace, soups and stews, warm sweaters, and raking leaves.
It makes me think of horses and trail rides.
It makes me forget my history with horses.


  1. I understand, I understand. The ride, the freedom, the bond between you and that creature with the big heart--cheering and exciting. Then there is that chance that at any given moment you could land in the cactus or be trampled, bitten or kicked--into a wheelchair.

    I guess we take those kind of chances every day. But as time goes by the odds seem to be more on the side of disaster.

  2. Great post, CeeCee. Sounds like you've got horses in your blood.
    Even those of us who've been in spectacular wrecks with horses can't seem to stop our desire to be around horses.

    We might even be a little crazy, but it's like anything else extreme that folks have a passion for (bicyling, downhill skiing, mountain climbing, flying, hang gliding, surfing...and horseback riding).
    We know it can be dangerous, but it brings us so much happiness and a sense of freedom and connection to something much greater...that we just can', won't...stop.

    Horses will always be unpredictable. And even the more sane and gentle horses can surprise you (like my own Apache mare).

    Baby Doll was far from a green horse at 18 yrs old, though I was pretty green. I didn't buy her because of her looks either. But you just never know. Just like with people, with horse sometimes we just don't get along and find a good match either. And that often can lead to disaster.

    But life is too short not to do the things you love. Your life could end today just driving down the road or flying in an airplane. Heck, you could choke on some food and die, for that matter. When it's your time to go, it just is. Nothing you can do about it.
    Might as well die doing what you love, right?


  3. Oh Cee Cee, sorry you aren't having trail rides. I can understand how you miss having a horse. I would love to have one but we just don't have enough land and room for a horse. Although, I would probably end up black and blue myself.

  4. My few experiences with horses have been mixed. I have had several friends hurt badly by I will never have one. Plus, they make much poop...and they fart like...well, horses

  5. Sorry you had a bad experience. I've had horses most of my life, but boy some of them can be stinkers. I hope you find a way to get out on a trail ride. With a nice, calm horse :-)

  6. Maybe it's time to "rent" a horse or go to somewhere that specializes in trail rides so you can get your fill again?

  7. Like you all I ever wanted was a horse. Then I had a terrible horse wreck, my eye was scratch and damaged, my cheeckbone broken,my arm broken...

    Took me a year to be able to just GET on a horse again.