Friday, October 1, 2010

Monster Killing Dog

Some dogs are herders.
Some dogs assist folks with disabilities.
Some dogs are companions to humans. Some dogs guard livestock.
Some dogs sniff for criminals, bombs, drugs, illegal fruit and veggies, and even dead bodies.
Some dogs pull sleds. Some dogs guard house and home.
Some dogs kill scary, blue shower scrubby monsters.

Every dog has a job. Their primary job seems to love us unconditionally. I simply cannot imagine a life without one or two or more.


  1. Me either, Cee Cee. What a cutie! My dog Zeus STILL gets into stuff and he's 10 years old. I constantly remind him that he's not a puppy anymore but he doesn't listen. Guess he wants me to know that he's still "young at heart." Have a great weekend :-)

  2. LOL - I thought it was a heap of netting for a skirt! I had no idea a scrubber could end up looking like that!

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. And he/she is taking that job VERY seriously. :D

    I do miss having a dog companion. They don't care if your hair is a mess or if you put on weight. They are so free with love and don't laugh at you even if they see you just out of the shower.

  4. I thought for sure you were going to say 'some dogs wear tutus.'

  5. KIR, I'll admit--I gave Smokie the scrubby. I bought a new one and tossed the old one at her. Didn't know what she'd do, but now I do.

    Nancy, It's pretty much the same material as netting, just a bit thicker.

    Leenie, She killed that scrubby dead! I say it often, but Dogs are some of my favorite people.

    Linda, She's far too cool for tutus. She'd rather stalk and kill them.

  6. Neither can I. What wonderful - and fun - pictures! Someone was having a grand old time with that shower scrubby monster.

  7. Oh Cee Cee, me either. One or two or five :) They sure make life fuller and give unconditional love. Great post :) Cute killer dog!
    Amy ~:>-

  8. This bought a smile to my face... love your pooch, killer that he is :P

    Dogs are the best... love them.

  9. ME EITHER!!!!! Everyone needs at least one!!! And all dogs need as least one human!