Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Ice Queen Vs The Stag Prince

The Ice Queen, Jadis, of Narnia was beautiful and evil, all at the same time.
I feel the same applies to my Agave.
My goodness, how I love this plant. In all of my garden beds, she is the most striking.
My favorite to be sure.
Deep greens, light greens, and purples.
Each leaf is edged with razor sharp spines, and tipped by 3 inch thorns.
She can and will seriously wound you, if you aren't very careful around her.
At present, she stands well over 4 ft tall and approximately 6 feet wide at her base. This plant is often misrepresented with the name Century Plant. It makes folks think they live 100 years. Oh, how I wish it were true.
She is nearly 10 years old. Once she flowers, she will wither and die.
Thankfully, she puts off "pups"---several each year. I will have another one ready to take her place on the throne.

Her only nemesis is this handsome boy. All the others are afraid to approach the Ice Queen. He chooses to do battle with her every year.
This year, he has marred her beauty beyond repair.
What is particularly ironic about that, is he did it for his own vain reasons.
He rubs the velvet off his antlers every year in readiness for his season with the does, and battles with rival bucks.

He has left the Queen battered and broken.
She will survive, just as she does every year.
He, however, is none the worse for wear.


  1. Your story made me smile. It's good to know the Ice Queen survived the brutal treatment. These royals have such an elite life.

    Both are very handsome in their own way. Both strong and spiky. Both strong willed and difficult to control.

    Do you ever use Agave as food or medicine? Is it related to Aloe Vera?

  2. You gave me a nice warm smile. This is a great story and well told. It's werid that the buck chooses that plant it doesn't seem strong enough for a stout rubbing.


  3. Leenie, this agave isn't the right cultivar for food, medicine or tequila. Aloe vera is a distant cousin to the Agave--both are succulents.

    Linda, that silly buck does it every year. I think he must have avoided getting gored by the plant this year, and that's what allowed him to tear it up so badly.

  4. That is a beautiful plant. Wow. How many years till they bloom?
    Crazy deer :) LOL

  5. It still is a beautiful plant. Wish I could grow one here in Wisconsin. Glad the Ice Queen will survive.

  6. Beautiful post, CeeCee. She IS beautiful, and he is quite impressive. I wonder if we can grow the Ice Queen here in Albuquerque?

  7. Amy, there are many factors that decide when an agave flowers. Some live 25 years, some live 5 years.

    Justina, this agave would do great at your house if it could be sheltered from the cold (western side of a building). You get much colder for longer up there, than here in Austin. If you'd like to try, I'll be glad to send you one. :)

  8. My parent's "century plant" was on the local news when it sent it's beautiful bloom up on a stalk as high as a phone poll! It's been several years, and I wasn't there, but my parents sent me the newspaper clipping. It was apparently quite the novelty and people visited from all over the county to see it. Your agave is just beautiful - so is that gorgeous buck. Beautiful pictures, as always :)

  9. We lost apple trees to those horny horns too...drives me nuts but one can't do a thing about it really..and deer are pretty cool to watch!

    Your plant is beautiful though...'tis a shame to see her defaced