Friday, October 15, 2010

I Would Have Chiggers....

...if it weren't for Penny and Bernie. I'd probably have ticks and spiders and stink bugs and grasshoppers and leeches, too.
Well, probably not the leeches, since I wasn't in the water----yet.

My pasture is four acres of Little Bluestem.
It can grow during wet years, up to 3.5 feet tall. It did that this year. I usually love to wander in my pasture at least once a week. This year, it had become impossible. It is hip high.
I love the outdoors, but I do not love shoes and socks full of grass seeds, stickers and bugs. What I need is a good pair of boots.

Maybe some boots I can tuck my pants into so nothing gets in.
I wonder where I can get some really cool ones?
Wait! What do we have here??
Maybe I got some cool boots already!
Maybe someone sent me a surprise in the mail?!
Maybe someone used Facebook to contact Pearl to get my shoe size and home address?!
A fabulous, marvelous surprise!
It's just like them to do this, too. :)
The boots were barely out of the box and I was out in my pasture with my camera again.

This grasshopper sat quietly for his photo shoot among the Frost Weed. Some of it is over 7 feet tall this year.

I was so thrilled to find the flowers covered in honey bees. I haven't seen but a handful of them in my garden this year. The closest wild bee colony that I know about, died off over the winter.

My favorite spider had set up housekeeping amongst the Frost Weed and had grown bigger than any I'd ever seen. This particular kind of orb weaving spider goes by many names, but we call them Zipper spiders because the center of her web is always woven in a zig-zag. Banana spider, Argiope, Writing Spider, Corn Spider or Black and Yellow Garden spider, all names for this big beauty.

After a couple hours in the pasture, I sat down with the reason I love these boots so much---my chickens.
They checked them out and went about their business. After all, the sunlight was fading into the west and I had interrupted their dust bath.

I must admit that I have a bit of crush on Penny and Bernie, both.
One, they have so many animals that I'm slightly jealous.
Two, they seem to really love one another.
They're "on the same page" as we in the married world would say.
They work together so well.
Plus, Bernie spoils Penny with the attention he pays her and the things she loves. Only an amazing woman can bring out such qualities in a good man. Head on over and visit them. Don't be surprised if you end up with a bit of a crush on them to.

Thanks Penny and Bernie!! I love my boots and they fit perfectly!!


  1. Who could be so blessed?!! I'm seriously jealous of those yellow boots. Not too practical for my line of work. But they look great on you and must be the best chigger guard ever. Great 'hopper photo. The ones around here are too camera shy. And thanks for the heads up on Penny and Bernies blog.

    Those zipper spiders are phenomenal!

  2. GREAT pictures Cee Cee, but that spider gives me the creeps!

    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  3. I was just considering a new pair of snow boots...maybe TX ain't all bad!

  4. Awww, you are so sweet! We kinda have a crush on you too :) Those boots look wonderful on you! Pearl's as sweet as you are - she seemed to enjoy being an accomplice .....

    As always, your pictures are beautiful. I think I see the girls smiling while looking at your boots.


  5. Very nicely done. I like what you have done here. I lived in Missouri a number of years and I know a lot of what you say here.

    I like your photos. You missed your calling if you are selling some of those.

    I miss Missouri but what I do not miss is the chiggers. I hated going out in the grass like you show there. I ways suffered for weeks after.

    I was going for the gas and matches one night when I found how to cure the devils.

    I don't normally promote any one but these guys are the best.

    chigger bite treatment

    Hope you don't mind and it will help and some of the readers of this cool blog. I am checking out some of your other blog friends. I love the county living so very much.

  6. Awwwww! That was so thoughtful and wonderful of them! And yes, I can tell that you're just a teensy bit happy. :D LOVE your new boots!!!!!!! Great pictures too, CeeCee.

  7. Love the new boots! I've been looking at some similar boots, but haven't gotten them yet!

  8. Those are awesome and so fitting of your personality!! what amazing friends you have to contact peep and send them to you. You rock and so do your friends!

  9. Cee Cee, how wonderful is that? I would say they have a crush on you too with them sending you such awesome boots and surpsing you and all. Those boots are awesome and make for walkin! Love the photos--that zig zag spider--WOW. Amy :)

  10. Aw, what a very kind and generous thought - that I can tell made you smile and happy for quite some time afterward. Glad you found a way to combat all those nasty Texas bugs! :-)

  11. Very cool boots! And they looked good in all the shots where they showed up all bright and yellow!


    I'll let you keep the spider...too big for me.