Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Left My Heart...

...in San Francisco.
Lee has business in San Francisco next week.
We decided to make a short vacation out of it.
We haven't been to SF since James was two months old. Twelve years, it's been. Far too long.
Thursday, four of our five (we'll miss you, Tom!!!) will fly to Oakland, eat a little dim sum and then finish the evening with a visit to the Oakland Museum.
They are open late and exhibiting 25 years of Pixar animation.

Friday will be spent at Muir woods, shopping in Sausalito, and then back into the city.
The rest of the trip is up to our whims and fancies.
We do know that we will be eating at the Cliff House, visiting the Musee Mecanique (antique penny arcade), Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Ghirardelli's for chocolate, Humphry Slocombe's for ice cream, Fort Point for some history, and the compulsory pictures on Lombard street.
I'm sure we'll do much more, but that's just a wish list.

Pictures will follow next Sunday when Pearl, James and myself return.
Lee stays on that pesky business trip that got us all there in the first place.


  1. Have a great trip (even though I know you'll feel more than a few pangs at Tom's absence) - SF is super fun city! Safe travels.

  2. Jealous, jealous, jealous! SF is a great city for visitors. I've been to many of those stops and loved it. I will think of you being there and sigh.

  3. Have fun, I can't wait to hear about your trip!

  4. And covering a car with a tarp in the winter wouldn't work. It would freeze to the car in 30 below or be weighed down with a six inch-or more-snow fall. Nope, fifteen minutes of warming up and a scraper-snow brush is our solution for no garage.

  5. Hi Cee Cee,
    I haven't been there since my husband and I were still dating! We had a wonderful time - it is a very romantic city and we have great memories of our time there. Don't forget about Lombard Street, either. The crookedest street in SF! Have fun and don't leave anything out when you get back :-)

  6. Have a wonderful trip CeeCee! Can't wait to hear all about it when you're back.

  7. Have a wonderful time! I just love San Fran! Oh, and how I love to hike Muir Woods!

  8. Oh You're going to have so much fun!
    Too bad you're not going to be there in early December because Cavalia will be there! I was hoping to fly out to experience it, but the travel arrangements are too complicated. Oh well, have a great time!


  9. I will be there with you in spirit. I love that City. I have been there many times (used to live in Oakland) and S. F. will forever be in my heart! Have a great time.