Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Day in San Francisco

Technically, it was the first evening, as we didn't arrive until 4pm.
Technically it was Oakland, CA.
Hairsplitting, I know.
Onward and upward.

Before we did anything, we needed to eat.
4pm PST is 6pm CST.
While grateful for the free snacks on Southwest Airlines, we were starving.
The flight attendant was a hoot, by the way. Just in case you ever want an entertaining flight. His name was Josh, or Jake, or Joel or something. Four letters, started with J.
"In the unlikely event that the cabin loses air pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Stop screaming, let go of your neighbor's arm and slip the mask over your face and nose."
"Be sure the seatbelt is fastened low and tight over your hips, otherwise you might fall out of the plane."
"The Captain has cleared us for takeoff. Keep hands and feet in the plane at all times."
"Okay, we're here. Get out."

I digress.
Food. Food. Food.

Our main objective was to get some dim sum at a pretty famous place
(I forgot the name of the place, of course.) in Oakland.
Found it.
They only serve dim sum at lunch.
We picked several things and inhaled everything that was brought to us.
Well, except the free dessert. It was peanut soup that had been sweetened.
Interesting, but only for about 2 spoonfuls.

Time to move on to item 2 on our 'list of stuff to do in San Francisco'.

Oak Street Entrance. Photo: Terry Carroll
This picture is not ours. It was dark when we arrived. I snagged it off their website. I'm guessing that's okay, since I'm talking nice about them.
All Pixar Images ©Disney/Pixar.
This is why we went there. This picture is also theirs, as they didn't want us taking pictures in this exhibit.
What is "this" exhibit?
It was in celebration of 25 years of Pixar animation.
The creature you see above, is an early rendition of Sully from Monsters Inc.
There was one part of the exhibit that made me feel joy and delight and 5 years old and there isn't one decent YouTube video available!
We didn't try to film it ourselves, cuz we're rule followers. :)
Here's someone else's video of it.
It's called a zoetrope.
I could spend the rest of the day explaining what a zoetrope is, but I'll just
link it for you.
It was great fun to see how our favorite Pixar movies had begun and how they progressed before we got to enjoy them on the big screen (except Wall*E--didn't like it, fell asleep).

NOTE: Pearl took all these photos.
The rest of the museum was a rush job. We were about out of time and only managed to see a few things. Was it all art? Not in my opinion. There was even a place in the exhibit where you could vote: Art or Not Art.
I voted Not Art for the 15 x 15 foot canvas that was painted mauve.
Mauve is so 80s.

Luckily we had a docent that took a liking to us, and helped discuss and explain pieces that we stopped at. Lee felt like we were being stalked. I talked to the guy. He's a complete stranger after all. I talk to strangers.
This piece, by the way, represents all the electronic stuff thats comes at us every day. The word "Fonger" is a play on the artists name. His last name is Fong. His buddies call him Fonger.

Rocks. Some covered in silver stuff. Others not.
Art or Not Art?
You decide.
It was nicely placed on shelves.
All I could think about was who was dusting them.

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art.
Yes, I considered this piece, art.

Very cool piece outdoors. I love iron work that looks like nature.

A rock with a nature scene painted on it, that is also in the shape of a head. I'm sure there's more to the story, but we didn't stay long enough to read the little placard. The stalker docent had wandered off by this point.

Beats me? I wasn't even with Pearl when she took this picture of James and this piece.
I was talking to our stalker about something else.

Iron work in the shape of a chair. You were allowed/encouraged to sit on it.
Art? Not so much, in my opinion. But what do I know.

Cuckoo clocks with antique tools for weights. Cool.
Okay, here's my criteria for 'art'----If I might want one, if even for just one day, it's art.

Well, here we are back at the beginning.

Would I recommend this museum to visitors to Oakland, California?
Yes, very much so! I wish we had been able to see it all, instead of just a fraction of it.
If you go, grab a stalker docent. They make the experience much more meaningful.
Unless you get creeped out by stalker docents.
Then avoid them.

Afterwards, we drove over the Bay Bridge, down to Fisherman's wharf and checked into our hotel. We brushed our teeth, got into our jammies, and fell right to sleep because
11 PST time is 1 CST.
It was waaaaayyy past our bedtime.


  1. Cee Cee, looks like a great trip. I love to visit San Francisco. By any chance are you all going to the World Series?

  2. I'm glad to see the quote that says art is a word that has no definition. Finally someone has stopped trying to define it and just let everyone make up their own mind. It looks like you had quite a day there. Fun to learn about this museum. If I'm ever in that neighborhood again I'll make a point to visit.

    Pearl is a fine photographer.

    Laughed at your flight attendant's comments. There was one like that on a flight across Idaho that really made the trip enjoyable.

  3. GREAT pictures, Cee Cee. Looks like you're really enjoying the trip. Look forward to hearing about the rest of the week. Enjoy!

  4. Ha, Don would have felt the same way Lee did about being "stalked." I, on the other hand, am like you... I talk to strangers. :)