Monday, September 6, 2010

You'd Never Know He's the Baby

Yesterday, James turned 12.
When he was much littler, he thought it was so cool that we all got a 3-day weekend in honor of his birthday.
Whilst in the throes of labor with him, the nurses kept coming into the room and stating the obvious--"Did you know you're having a baby on Labor Day ((giggle, snort, giggle))?
Uh, yea, I got it. Very funny. Now get out.
It must have been a slow day in labor and delivery. :)

To celebrate, we did as we always do. Family only party one day and Friend party the next.
Saturday we had the family-only party. It usually entails either a favorite home cooked meal, or dinner at a favorite restaurant. This year, James chose 'out'.
Tom came home from college, as promised to James. All seven of us (our family plus G'pa and G'ma) went to a new place called Gumbos. It's a rather upscale place to have such a silly name. Their specialty is fish. Not much gumbo or jambalaya or po'boys, as the name suggests. There is nothing deep fried on the menu. James had a beautiful piece of salmon, topped with crab and a white wine sauce. Just exactly what he wanted for his birthday dinner. Earlier in the week, James and G'ma got together for their traditional cake making session.

Yesterday, his buddies came for the 'friend party'. Luckily, James and his pals are self entertaining. Give them their bicycles and our swimming pool and they're good to go. There was a Nerf dart gun war as well. I don't think we'll ever find all the darts.
We made homemade pizza for dinner and root beer floats served as James' "cake". I have no idea what time they finally went to sleep. I do know the four of them consumed much soda, ice cream, chips and candy. They probably all fell into a sugar induced stupor before they hit their pillows. They slept until nearly 9 o'clock. James hasn't slept until 9:00 in his entire 12 years of life. I think the smell of bacon finally awakened them.

Happy 12th Birthday, James! I love you madly, and hope you enjoyed your birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday, James! Wow, he never slept till 9am before? I thought all kids liked to sleep in?! It looks like he had a nice day!

  2. Happy Birthday from Idaho! I know about which you speak. We celebrated our youngest son's birthday here this weekend as well.

    He's not as young as James, but all his life he's had to share his big day with THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY so he's complained at times of missing out on having the proper attention. Looks like your family is doing well helping your boy celebrate.

    Yeah, in labor on Labor Day. Hardeeharhar! Now git out!

  3. Happy Birthday, James!!! Hope you had a great day. That cake looks yummy!

    My middle guy has never slept till 9 before, either! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to James! It sounds like he had a wonderful birthday weekend. So sweet his brother came home to celebrate.

  5. I'm pretty sure his shirt says Tyler's, are you sure that's not his name? :) James needs to learn a lesson about sleeping in, sleeping in is at least until 10, well at our house it's 6:30 but whatever. Glad he had a great birthday with all of his favorite people including his big brother. Happy birthday James!