Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Doesn't seem possible. Sixteen years ago she was born, at 3-something in the afternoon.
She has been her own person since before she drew breath.
She decided to come three weeks early.
I went from labor to baby in four hours.
She's been making plans ever since.

Last summer she was introduced to all the sea creatures at career camp. It looked like sea lions had stolen her heart. Unlike most kids that visit and fall in love with Sea World, she had no interest in working with the killer whales or dolphins at all.

Unfortunately for the sea lions, her heart wandered at this summers camp. It is now firmly in the beluga tank.
The trainers call them the "Marshmallow Hamsters of the Sea".
White and fluffy and cute.

I believe her to be one of the best friends a person could have. She is fierce in her loyalty and love for all those she calls her friends.

Her art evolves every year. I'm so thrilled for her to have such talent. It's such an amazing way to express herself. Happy, sad, silly---they all get down on canvas or paper.

This picture is one of my favorites. It shows three different sides of her.
How beautiful she is.
How much she loves animals.
How studious she is (when she has to be). :)

She has recently picked up the camera in earnest. I see her at least once day taking pictures. Most often trying to master the composition of her pictures. Light, subject, depth and interest.

There are so many, many more things about her I could go on all day. I love her madly. I think she hung the moon. I'm so glad she's in my life.

Happy Birthday, baby. I hope you have a great day and find a way to share with friends, soon.


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! I love the pic of her studying w/ the kitty cat! I just sent you an email from my blog, never did that before, don't know if it worked!

  2. Lynn, I didn't get your email. I just got your comment.
    My email is

  3. I'm not sure why, but the picture of Peep in the chair with the kitty, reading her book, made my eyes fill with tears. Maybe it's because my little girl is growing so quickly right before my eyes and I know someday, she'll be in Peep's shoes... I can only hope she turns into half the girl that Peep has, what an amazing young woman you have in your life!

  4. Such a sweet post. Your daughter is so beautiful and talented - and lucky to have such an awesome mother.