Monday, September 27, 2010

Office Assistant Gets a Raise

"M'am, I don't see any more Coke Zeros in here. Would you like me to run out and check the outside fridge for you? If I find out who took the last one, I'll give them a good scratching for you. I know how much you love your Coke Zeros."

"Let's see. I put a banana, some strawberries, your protein powder, a cup of 1% milk and some frozen cherries in there. Oh, I also put in some ice so it would be more like a shake. Is it sweet enough? I know you like it to be sweet. The strawberries weren't very sweet this time. Maybe next time I'll add a little Agave syrup."

"Hobbes, come here. You've been working so hard this morning. Why don't you take a load off and take a nap. My lap happens to be free right now. I am working on my computer, but the lap isn't busy at all. Shall we add lap-naps to your benefits package?"

"Yes M'am, that would be fine. Especially now that it's getting cooler outside. "

"Good, I'm glad you agree."


  1. I think my little orange one never sleeps! Do you drug yours?

  2. Oh, CeeCee... he's so sweet! I just love that picture of him with his head in the cooler. :)

    Adding lap-naps to his benefits package sounds like a win-win situation for both of you.

    Thank you so much for all of the spider info! It makes such a difference to "know." :)

  3. Warren, Hobbes sleeps a bit in the morning, all evening, and then wants to be awake and play about 1am. I usually just dump him outside the bedroom door and close it tight.

    Justina, You're welcome on the spider info. I'm just full of useless information (to most people) like that. :)
    Yes, Hobbes and the lap-nap works out well for both of us.

  4. You just have the best office assistant ever! If he didn't have such a danged good benefits package, I'd try and lure him away from you :)

  5. Hobbes is my hero.

    Looks like he is earning all those benefits. I'd like a package like that. But I would prefer the nap on a big sofa next to the sunny window in the winter and on the porch in the summer. Thank you very much.

  6. Oh the cats of the house do rule, don't they? I love them!

  7. They say it's hard to get good help nowadays, but you certainly don't have that problem :-)

  8. What a sweet little helper! He sure earned his benefits:))

  9. Penny, considering the treatment your animals get, he just might come live with you. :)

    Leenie, I think a sofa under a sunny window sounds divine.

    Amy, Isn't it funny how they come to rule. Hobbes is only 6 months old, but the dogs already mind him.

    KIR, Hobbes is the best helper, except when he's not being a good helper at all. :)

    Katie!!! You're back! I'll wander around in your blog later. :)

    Sandra, why won't your blog let me comment? It's as though half the comment section is missing. When I try to type, it doesn't show up???

  10. It's best to have him nap beside you so you can nap too... just a suggestion!

  11. Hobbes looks just like my Jack. Except Jack is at least 2 and a half years old now. Since I've come back from my 3 week trip trip Jackie is so very happy. Last night he said hello when I first came home, but he let the other cat, Shadow, get all the loving from me and he only allowed a few pets and one hug from me. But in the middle of the night last night he woke me and couldn't stop telling me how much he missed me, squeaking and walking on me while I was trying to sleep. He hasn't left my side since. He's such a love bug now. He really does sleep less than most cats. Is that an orange cat trait?