Friday, September 17, 2010

Not Everything is Bigger in Texas

A blasphemous statement to make, I know. It's true though.
Not everything is bigger in Texas.
Take this little dude for instance.
Tiny snake, you say?
Au Contrare'.
Tiny lizard.

He and his kind are often mistaken for snakes. He is a Ground skink.

They don't get any bigger than this one. They are, however, amazing critters to have in your garden. The are voracious eaters of snails, crickets, earwigs, aphids and all other garden pests. All they need to make a home is some loose dirt and leaf litter.
After mating, the female will lay eggs once a month from April to August. Then she's on her merry way.

The reason they are often mistaken for snakes is shown in this picture. When they are in a loose soil/leafy area, they lay their front legs back and just squiggle away. With legs tucked in, they look like a snake.
This poor boy forgot he was on concrete when he was put down. He just wanted to get back home. Pearl had rescued him before hitting him with the lawn mower.

She is the photographer in these photos as well.


  1. Interesting. We had a lot of little frogs and lizards in the back yard, but the road runners cleaned them out. I miss them.

  2. Pearl did a fine job of taking pictures. I didn't realize they eat all of those garden pests. Good to know.

  3. We have some little green lizards that really are cute. They come out right now to get ready for winter.

    Very good post!


  4. We love skinks - sweet little things. Ours are very illusive..... maybe because they are always having to hide from chickens?