Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Difficult to Find Good Office Help

I, however, don't have that problem.

My assistant is always on the job. Always ready to help.

He makes sure every copy comes out properly. Checks for things like copier ink useage and paper jams.

When the job is complete he moves on.
He usually will come to make sure my coffee is full and then offers to cover up the foul smelling liquid.
Finally, he will check to make sure my lap is not too hot or two cold. Then he takes a break.
I believe he took the job because naps were included in his benefit package.


  1. Your office assistant is so efficient and on the job. And so handsome. I am guess his benefit package includes meals, health care, freedom to sleep in any cozy spot in the place and all the lap time he wants.

    The feline at our house would consider such antics beneath him--especially since jumping is not in his job description. Although lying on his back with his furry belly to the sun IS.

  2. Leenie, my assistant is new. Like all office assistants of his species, he will soon lapse into the same attitude as your helper. I will keep him on as occasional bug killer once he reaches his peak as office assistant. Unfortunately, we signed a contract and his benefits will stay the same no matter what job he holds.

  3. Does yours come with a heavy dose of mean? Ours is still buck-wild!

  4. Love your new office assistant! So handsome; seems very efficient to me!

  5. Hobbes is just too cute. Aren't you lucky to have him as your assistant?! My assistants are always asleep under my desk... what's up with that? :D

  6. Warren, mine dose, on occasion, become mean.
    I suspect your boy has issues because he never learned how to be a cat from another cat?

    Thanks Linda. I think he's handsome too.

    Justina, are your assistants of the feline or canine variety?

  7. This made me smile. A lot. Hobbes is so cute! And you are too funny!