Thursday, September 23, 2010

All I Want for My Birthday, Really. I'm Not Kidding

I want my family to put their stuff away. I want the rule to be: If you got it out, put it away. If it's empty, throw it away. If it's dirty, put it in the dishwasher or the laundry basket. If it's clean, put it where it belongs.

I hate, hate, hate matching and folding socks. When I do it, please wisk them away and get them out of my sight.

See the white box, just behind the shoes on the floor? It's the box we keep shoes in when we aren't wearing them. Sooooo, close and yet so far. We have the same problem with items that go in the dishwasher, trash compactor, and laundry baskets.

If you burn them onto your iPod, MP3 or other listening device, put them away. Please. My office is messy enough as it is.

This may belong in another category, but the fact that the toilet paper package is sitting on top the counter with two rolls left in it means two things:
1. At least one roll has already been used. That means this has been sitting here a while.
2. The cabinet that the toilet paper lives in is just below it. See picture #2 and description.
I will give bonus points to whomever actually put a new roll on the roller. We had trouble with that idea for a very long time after the Toilet Paper Fairy quit.

These items sat on the kitchen table for two weeks. I asked that they be put away. They got moved to the counter in the dining room.
Away: adverb |əˈwā| 2. into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping

See above description

More shoes willy-nilly.
What would make this scenario okay--put them nicely as a pair up against the baseboard. These shoes are by the back door.
We go in and out all day. Shoes are required.

If any of my family believes this is just too much to ask, then consider getting me this, instead.
All my love,


  1. You can imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and found a lawnmower and not a housekeeper/maid service... maybe you should consider asking for that too, I mean you do deserve it! Oh and about the socks thing, I only buy one brand, one style so that way I NEVER EVER match socks! Ryan buys the same brand but different styles which means he matches his own socks!

  2. Not only can I relate, but I ask myself WHY I've had to repeat the same phrase to my husband every day for the last 13 years; "Socks go IN the hamper; NOT on the floor!" What part of this is difficult to understand???

  3. You made me laugh right out loud!!! It was great! And like you a new lawn mower is always appreciated. I gave up on clutter...I had to join I couldn't lick it.


  4. Are you sure you didn't sneak into my home and take these pics and write this story. :) LOL I can totally relate. Good luck with the present.
    Amy at Verde Farm

  5. And when you train your family to do all these things, come help me train my eight dogs to return their toys to the toy box! Same toys, every day . . .

    Why do I even try?

  6. CeeCee, you are just too funny. You must know my husband. I have the same problem with him and then when he can't find something he has the nerve to ask me where I put it. Ihate clutter and yet I have to live with it every day because he just can't seem to be able to put things where they belong (and I have made a place for everything - he just can't seem to find that place). Gotta love the lawnmower, I was expecting a maid service. LOL

  7. Sarah and Linda M., the thing with a maid service--you have to pick up before they come so they can do real cleaning.

    Welcome Kent Island. :) Yup, socks on the floor. I can relate!

    Linda, I really try to ignore the clutter most days, but the house has the appearance of being clean when things are picked up.

    Amy, I'll probably get the lawn mower, since picking up is just too hard for my family. :)

    FFG, the toys on the floor. We have those too. Many of them. Between the dogs and the cat, it's like having a toddler in the house again. We also have chicken feathers that I've brought in the house for the cat.

  8. In all fairness, sometimes an entire roll disappears in one day in our house...

  9. I want one of those lawn mowers, too!!!

  10. Warren. let's not even go into the astounding rate at which TP is used. We should all buy stock in TP companies and become rich! We keep the CEOs wildly wealthy at our house.

    Lynn, at last, someone who appreciates a mower more than a housekeeper. Zero-turn is my dream.

  11. I can recall acutely the angst of constant tidying after others, BUT......imagine my heavy heart as I tidy up Camille's little deposits here and there around the house today, having put her on the plane an hour ago. Sigh.....I'm considering just leaving those things where they are for a while, except that I cry when I look at them.

  12. JuJu, hugs and prayers for you all. One day I'll be without little people at my house. Then I will understand the juxtaposition of your feelings.
    I wondered when she was leaving, as she already changed her "location" on FB.

  13. My kids never put stuff away either so I picked up and put scattered stuff away again and again. And preached to seemingly deaf ears to put their stuff away. Then I had a stroke of genius. I got a big box that I put out in the garage on a top shelf where it was really inconvenient. Anytime anything was left laying around, I'd put it in the box. That was no more trouble than putting it where it belonged. Then when the kids asked where such and such was, I'd tell them to check the box. Soon the box was empty and the scattered condition of our house improved considerably. Didn't cure it completely because kids forget. But it helped a lot.

  14. Ooo, Anon, I like that idea.
    For a while when they were little, I put things on the steps. The rule was, if it sat there for a week, I threw it away. They'd take the toys upstairs, but leave things like shoes and socks. :(