Monday, August 16, 2010

Three Towers

Sounds like the name of a movie, doesn't it?
In my case, the towers remind me of my kids. Always there, but so familiar that I take their presence for granted.

We've been busy at our house. As much as anything, we've been mentally busy.

We've been getting Tom ready to go to college. He leaves on Wednesday. His college of choice is about 45 minutes away. He's had a lot going on this summer and I can't tell if he's excited or not. It doesn't feel like it.
I'm usually very good about practicing the Serenity Prayer, but not so much lately. I think it must be natural to second guess your parenting a million times over when sending a kid to college.
Did I prepare him adequately enough to take care of himself?

I find myself asking the same questions I asked myself when he went off to kindergarten.

"Will he eat?"
"What will he eat?"
"What if he gets sick?"
"What if he forgets something?"
"Will he get his work done?"
"Will he get good grades?"

Only now, the answers to those questions have real consequences.
He's not coming home at the end of the day for milk and cookies. I won't be there to listen to his worries and help resolve his dilemmas.

Lee reminds me that we've done a good job. He tells me we will not micromanage Tom's college career. He assures me that Tom knows that college is for finding himself, making his own decisions and living with them.
There comes a point where I have to let go.
I just want him to be happy and realize the importance of the next four years.

It will be amazing and it will suck eggs.
It will be challenging and it will be wildly rewarding.
It will be stressful.
It will be loud, and silly and fun.
People will challenge what he believes about himself and the world.
It will be life changing, above all else.
Never have there been four more important years in his life, than the ones coming up.

Have fun, Tom.
Get some sleep.
Eat breakfast.
Eat lunch.
Eat dinner.
Do your homework.
Listen to your conscience.
Spend time with friends.
Learn to love time alone.
Go to class.
Don't forget your key.
Make new friends.
Meet the teacher.
Try something new.
Do some laundry.
Stay healthy.
Know that we will miss you, even if you don't miss us--and that's okay.

Yup, pretty much all of the things I thought before he went to kindergarten. Except for the laundry part.

We love you, Tom!
Have a great year!!


  1. Tough to let that child fly from the nest. Adventures and challenges for him and all kinds of mixed feelings for you. Don't cry until you are in the car driving away. Hang in there!

  2. You and Lee did a wonderful job of raising him. It's hard to let go but Tom will be just fine. They surprise us as to how resourceful and responsible they can be when the don't have Mom around. Hang in there!

  3. You did a fab job of raising and incredible young man that I am so blessed to have as part of my family. Good work Aunt Cee Cee and Uncle E! Tom, she's right, she may be your mom but in the end, she wishes you all the best the world has to offer. Live life, love life, embrace life, it's all your man!

  4. Oh, CeeCee. What a big change for all of you. I know he'll make you proud. (((hugs)))

  5. Very cool! He'll do fine...there will be good and bad but he'll do fine!

    And you'll need to get a really good cell plan to call him lots!