Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning with Hobbes

First, I must be honest. His formal name is Hobbes.
He never, ever gets called Hobbes.
It has become clear that you must name animals with at least a two syllable name, so you can sing-song call them when they are in another room.
Thus, Hobbes' name is Hobbesy.
He seldom gets called that, either.
The short list:
Ankle Biter
Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
Teeny Weeny
Bad Cat
Purr Bucket

Nap After Breakfast

A conference with Mandy after watching the birds at the birdfeeder.

Playtime with shoes.
He has a shoe fetish. Better not let him know I am a 'member' at the DSW shoe warehouse.

Checking out the cartoon genius that spawned his name. Big cat shoes to fill.
Thankfully, we don't have a Calvinesque boy to play the part of Calvin at our house.

Helping change the air filters.
Last bit of activity before his late morning nap which precedes his pre-lunch kitty treat.

Hobbes was 5 months old on Monday.
We think we'll keep him.
He's a pretty good boy, despite his tendency to hassle the dogs.


  1. Hobbes looks like he has a love of life and a sense of humor like his namesake. Loved the pic of him with his doggy friend. You're right about cats needing a two syllable name. Thomas is called Fuzz Bucket and Hair Ball more than his given name.

  2. These are some beautiful pictures of the little Hobster! I love the picture of him and the Calvin and Hobbes books - absolutely purrrfect. (sorry :) Hobbes' is a cute kitty for sure - very photogenic. He looks like a bundle of energy just waiting to spring out of that body. Such a handsome boy.

  3. He's absolutely adorable. It looks like there's rarely a dull moment at your house anymore! :)

  4. Please give me your address...I need to ship his twin to you. My orange kitty is a terror!