Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Chair

The picture below is wrong, all wrong.
This is Mandy's chair.
Well, first it belonged to the humans in our family--for about a minute and a half.
THEN it was Mandy's chair.
Then we got Smokie and after about a year or so, she claimed it as hers.
There must have been some discussion while the two dogs were trying to kill each other (early in their relationship) that involved the ownership of the chair.
One day, Smokie was laying there and Mandy was not.

Now, this has occurred.
Smokie has not completely given up ownership, nor has Mandy, but letting the kitten take it is just wrong.
Mind you, he has razor sharp teeth and can jump three feet in the air and grabs doggy ankles as they pass by the bed.
But still! It's the dog chair, dangit!

We humans in the house admit, that when we've been so lucky to have had a seat in the chair, that it loves us. It wraps its buttery leather arms around us. It makes us sleepy and comfy and warm. It would bake us cookies if it could could. And read to us.

And so, I've decided that the chair doesn't really belong to any of us. It means something comforting to all of us, even the naughty, ankle biting kitty.

Is it wrong to love a chair so much? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?


  1. Hmmm... good question. I think our collective favorite piece of furniture is the sofa in the family room. If we arrange things just right, we can fit Don, me and all five dogs comfortably at one time. Surprisingly enough, it's also where two of our five dogs choose to sleep every night instead of in their beds in our bedroom. You can just imagine how hairy that sofa is...

  2. Ha! You're never fully dressed until you have dog/cat hair onboard.

  3. That looks like one wonderful comfy chair. I wish I had one just like it--pet hair and all. Problem is, there would be a fight for it here. And with a retired hubby and a large fat cat--I would loose.

    My fav is a low wooden rocker out on our porch. Perfect place for summer reading and squirrel, bird, and passing neighbor watching.

  4. Oh I love that chair too! I know when I've been visiting, I've read in that chair, cuddled with your kiddos in that chair and even napped there... ahh the sweet good ole days! I don't have a favorite chair but I'd LOVE a recliner rocker kind thing...