Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 Feet Tall, One Brick at a Time

James is a Lego guy. He gets a kit or two at every gift giving holiday. He also buys kits in the interim with his own money.
We've been to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA, twice.
In Austin, the only place to buy Legos has always been in retail outlets. They have only so much shelf space, and therefore don't carry much of a selection.
In August, Austin finally got its very own Lego store!
To commemorate the event, Lego sent out Master Brick Builders to make Buzz Lightyear.
An 8ft. tall Buzz Lightyear.
The public got to help! Seems like a recipe for disaster, but they have it down to a science.
Fifteen tables were set up, within a ringed off area. Thirty kids were allowed in at a time.
On each table was a certain kind and color of brick.

There was also a plan for each table. What I discovered, was that each table was actually building a replica of a standard Lego brick. Does that make sense?
The Brick Master, would then take the bricks that the children had made and assemble them into the Buzz Lightyear character.

James and best buddy, Jack, making bricks.

There was no limit to how many of the larger bricks you could make, but James and Jack quickly got bored with making rectangles. They both made 3, and called it a day.
They handed them over to the Brick Master to use for the final product.

Here they are with a miniature version of Buzz and the Brick Master. We didn't stay for the final building. They had just begun on Buzz's feet when we got there.
It took the Lego employees three full days to make Buzz come to life. I can't seem to locate, in all my searching, how many bricks it took to make him.


  1. Go, James the Lego Guy. To infinity and BEYOND! It takes some serious engineering to assemble some of those kits and a lot of stick-to-it to keep at it.

    Eight feet tall is a BIG BUZZ! Went to Toy Story Three 3D and loved it.

  2. That must have been a real "blast" for James. Such fun to be a kid these days.

  3. The that's a job! It would be hard to beat I think!

  4. I have to show this post to my son. He is still a Lego kid and he is 16, he just bought more today!
    We have been to Lego Land only once, it's kind of far from Michigan.
    There is a Lego store coming but is about an hour and a half away.

    Yay James!