Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Stay in Vegas

Wednesday through Friday of last week, I was in Las Vegas with Lee. He had gone there for work earlier in the week and we decided to make it into a trip for the two of us.
None of the pictures are mine. I borrowed them from official websites. My camera doesn't like places that aren't very well lit. It may seem like a place that lights up like the 4th of July every night would be well lit, but my camera disagreed.
Onward and upward.
We stayed at the Four Seasons. It covers the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay casino. It has its own entrance that is completely free of slot machines and neon lights. That part was a nice respite from the 'in your face' spectacle that is what Vegas is all about. This picture could have been from our room. It was a lovely room with an amazing view of the strip.
KA - Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas - KA Tickets – Las Vegas Shows: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
The second night, we saw KA'. It is the first Cirque show that has a true story to follow. I was in awe for the entire time. The set and stage were constantly in motion, all with the actors trying to hang on. Click on the link so you can see some of what we saw. Pure athleticism and beauty.

The first night we saw Penn and Teller. They are all about debunking some of the mystery that surrounds magicians. They have very strong beliefs about magicians, mind readers, and those that 'communicate with the dead'. They think that folks that take advantage of the gullibility of others are the lowest of the low. They also have very strong Libertarian political beliefs that found its way into their show. Despite the seemingly message laden show, it was still amazing.

Before Penn and Teller, we ate at Gaylord India. Wonderful curries! Naan slathered in olive oil, garlic and cumin. Hummus, red pepper puree and feta cheese to dip the naan in. Lee and I think finding a recipe to duplicate the naan bread would be worthwhile. Now all we need is a brick oven and we'll be set.

Before KA', we went to SeaBlue. We were originally drawn to the salad choices on the menu, but both ended up something else. After all, you can have salad at home.

Titanic Leaving Southhampton
During the day we did a lot of walking, and people watching. We spent over an hour in the Titanic exhibit. It was very well done. A bit like they do at the Holocaust museum in D.C., they give you a card at the beginning that gives you an 'identity'---a real person that was onboard. You find out near the end whether you survived or not.
I did. I was a woman in first class, with lots of money.
Lee did not. He was a man in 2nd class.
Women and children first. Unless you were a rich man, then you got on a lifeboat, too.

I spent a lot of time wondering what all the kids we saw were doing there. Despite Vegas trying to make itself a more family friendly place, I didn't see any sign of it. Hotel pools were about the only entertainment available for the kids, although we did see a long line of kids headed somewhere within the casino. Looked a bit like a those 'kids club' things they offer on cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts.

Do I need to go back? No.
We don't gamble and two shows were very expensive. They are no longer offering good deals on food. As far as we could see, the whole city is bleeding money. Granted it was in the middle of the week, but the casino floors were empty.

Did I have a good time. Yes.
I enjoyed the time alone with Lee. Talking about whatever we wanted to talk about. Waking up when we wanted to. Watching what we wanted to watch on the TV. Simple things. Sometimes the simple things are the best.


  1. It sounds like a good time. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes it's just nice to get away and do something different from the norm. Even if you'll never go back, it sounds like it was a good experience. I'm looking forward to a vaca away from from home this year, too! But I'm not sure where we'll go ~ Probably not to Vegas!

  2. Glad you had a good time. I'm with you on Vegas though... I find it a bit of a sad place and terribly expensive!

  3. I have only been to LV once and I only have ever seen one Cirque show and KA was it...and holy cow it was incredible. I keep telling the wife that we need to go there just to see that show...amazing!

  4. It sounds like you had a really nice vacation. We've been to Vegas once - and we had a good time, but it was probably much like the time you and Lee had. We just enjoyed being together and on vacation. Glad you had a nice time CeeCee. I would LOVE to see the KA show!