Monday, July 19, 2010

The Grass Doesn't Have to Be Green

"The sky doesn't have to be blue. There are no rules in art."

I loved that Pearl's art teacher from a class she took years ago, let her know that.
It opens up so many other doors from an artistic perspective.
The grand thing about acrylic paint, is that if you don't like a color, you can just paint over it. She painted his face a couple times before she got it the way the liked it.

I'm not sure if this piece has a name.
I'll ask her when she wakes up.
Artists keep different hours than me. :)


  1. This is a beautiful lion! I love the realistic features and the non realistic color!

  2. Such fun. No specific coloring in the lions. (sorry). No rules in art except to frustrate yourself by trying to express the vision in your head.

    Mr. Lion is worthy of a spot in a classy children's book. What's his story? Or can we make up our own?

  3. I love that lion! Pearl is so very talented. And I got a good chuckle over artists keeping different hours than you :)

  4. Love it. I agree with what Sandra said... the combination of the realistic features and the non realistic color is striking.

  5. That's an awesome piece of work! We are slowly but surely switching our house to basically show only art the kids have done. We get it framed up nicely and hang it wherever we used to have fake art. The kids' art is so varied that it works everywhere and is every bit as interesting as "real" art